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How To Get Deep Waves: Strategies & Tips For Best 360 Curls

Last Updated on: May 9, 2024

From the minute you get a haircut for wave styles, you’ll be asking yourself how to get deep waves.


Deep 360 waves are defined and attractive. Getting them doesn’t happen overnight, and you’ll brush your hair regularly, more than you did to form 360s. 

We don’t want to scare you. On the contrary, we want to show you how deep 360 waves form and what you need. Let’s get started!

What You Need To Get Deep 360 Waves

Before we look at how to make your 360 waves deeper, let’s find out if you need to go shopping. 

You’ll need almost the same products and accessories you’re using to grow your 360s now. 

We’re talking about:

  • A rat-tail comb
  • Moisturizer/hair lotion
  • Wave cap
  •  Wave shampoo
  • Hairbrushes (medium & hard bristles)

How To Make Your Waves Deeper In 3 Steps

When you get these hair grooming supplies, it’s time to improve your 360’s depth.

Step 1: Wolf


Grow your 360s for up to eight weeks. Hair grows about half an inch per month, so it’ll not look unkempt in two months when you wolf without trimming. If they grow fast, you can wolf for six weeks.

The new growth will lengthen your ripple pattern, and that’s how you’ll achieve deeper waves.

Step 2: Brush 


As your 360s grow, brush evenly.

Brush from the roots to train your strands to flow in ripples. If you’re starting with short hair, brush with a medium wave brush as a hard bristle brush can irritate your follicles. For longer strands, detangle them with a hard brush first, then comb them with a medium brush to leave a soft ripple pattern. 

Brush for at least five minutes thrice a day, and wear a stocking cap or durag at night to encourage your 360s to maintain the pattern despite the friction from your pillow.

When you do that, tie the du-rag in a way that doesn’t leave a horizontal line across your head.

Step 3: Apply Pomade

Hair Pomade
Hair Pomade

Moisturize waves before combing to spread the oils evenly and reduce breakage. These nourishing oils strengthen your strands, reduce friction and remove tangles. These three steps work wonders.

They also give your hair a natural shine that flaunts your 360 waves.

More Tips How To Grow Your Hair Faster To Get Thick 360s

As you wonder how to make your waves deeper, don’t forget to: 

a. Brush Damp Hair

Dry hair breaks easily. It’s even worse for people with coarse hair as it lacks moisture. Therefore, brush it when it’s wet. If you’re in the shower, wet your hair with warm water, pour wave shampoo, then start brushing. 

If it’s not shampoo day, moisten it before brushing. But, don’t wash your hair every day as too much moisture makes it brittle or frizzy. Instead, soak your towel in hot water, then wrap your hair. The warm towel moistens your hair sufficiently.

b. Avoid Chemical Perms

When you ask how to make 360 waves deeper, you’ll hear suggestions about curl kits. These ruin the waving process as they weaken your strands. Avoid such shortcuts.

c. Get A Short Haircut

You might be complaining that your hair is not forming waves, yet you started waving before getting a haircut. Long hair doesn’t wave.

d. Use Less Hair Products

Minimize the number and amount of hair butter and pomades as they leave product residue that makes your hair dull. Avoid regular shampoo with cleansing agents like sulfates that may cause scalp problems. Plus, get a good moisturizer, preferably with organic, nourishing oils. 

e. Eat A Healthy Diet

Healthy hair starts with a healthy diet, even though you’re nourishing it with a moisturizer. An essential nutrient for hair growth is biotin, which comes from eggs, beef liver, sweet potatoes, sunflower seeds, and salmon.

f. Wash Your Hair

Clean hair is malleable. A hand brush runs through such hair without pulling, so you won’t hurt your scalp.

On top of that, wash your hair with a good shampoo and use a regular conditioner afterward to add the moisture lost and keep your hair healthy. Lastly, apply lotion before a brushing session.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make waves deeper?

The secret is brushing more and wolfing. When you wolf, the hair grows, so the ripple effect of 360s stands out. If you’ve been brushing your hair once a day, you might have to change your brushing routine to do it for up to five minutes several times a day. 

Another reason some wavers have deep 360s is they use the right tools. You have to invest in the right brushes with firm, smooth bristles. If you brush short hair with a hard brush, you’ll irritate your scalp, and that can cause wounds that leave whitish flakes when they heal. 

Also, when you use a very soft brush, it won’t train your hair to form waves. It’s a tricky balance between hard and soft bristles.

What tools and/or supplies do you need to get deep waves?

We mentioned the tools and supplies earlier. However, for emphasis, remember that you already have 360s, and what you’re looking for is a deep pattern. You have to change the tools you’re using now if they haven’t given you such waves so far. The brush you’re using might be the culprit.

How do you maintain deep waves?

Have a regular brushing routine when the waves form because the new growth should follow the wave pattern, or you’ll ruin your 360s. Additionally, maintain the brushing style, or you’ll have uneven waves. 

Use the same brushing style you had when you first got 360 waves: brush from the crown out. It’ll form a small circle at the crown as the ripple flows towards the sides, forehead, and nape. Lastly, wear a durag to maintain the wave pattern at night. 

How long does it take to get deep 360s?

There’s so much involved, so we can’t give you a definite duration. First, your hair texture determines how fast waves form. The natural curls of coarse hair create waves faster than straight hair. 

However, straight hair grows faster than textured or curly hair. So, you see, when you want deep 360s, you’ll have a defined wave pattern faster if you have textured hair, but it’ll take longer because your hair will grow slowly. In summary, we can say they form in about six weeks.


 It’s impossible to discuss how to get deeper waves without mentioning the two factors that develop waves: brushing and wolfing. You’ll move your 360s from average to deep 360s within six weeks when you get these two factors right.

A third factor that may control how fast your waves form is hair type and texture. Curly hair has stylish, firm waves, but it grows slower than straight hair.

Though we recommend you brush your hair daily, too much brushing can hurt your scalp if it’s sensitive or dry. Consequently, get a good conditioning moisturizer, or the whole process will be in vain. 

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