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How To Get 180 Waves: 5 Tips & Other Hints To Start You Up!

Last Updated on: May 10, 2024

Do you realize that if you go into a room spotting the waves hairstyle, you can instantly grab everyone’s attention? This style is fashionable and helps accentuate the face shape. You can say it flatters every guy, and you’d be right.

You have the option of rocking the 180, 360, or 720 waves. However, not every guy has the patience and time to develop the 360 or 720 waves. Thus, most guys opt for the 180 waves. However, some men still get it wrong despite how simple it is to create the 180-wave style.

As a result, I will be sharing tips on how to get the 180 waves, even if your hair is incredibly coarse or straight. Thus, you should read on!

What Are 180 Waves?

If your next-door neighbor is spotting a fade haircut with the upper part of his hair looking just like beach waves, then that neighbor is rocking the trendy 180 waves hair. 

180 waves differ from the famous 360 waves because they are only formed from the crown of the head to the forehead; this is why it’s named 180 – half of your head. 

Unlike the 360 or 720 waves that cover the whole head, however, in different directions. 360 waves go around the head in looping circles.

You can easily classify waves in horizontal strokes as 360 waves, while those in vertical directions are the 720 waves. 360 and 720 waves are beautiful, albeit difficult to achieve. This makes 180 waves the most popular; it is simple to create and easy to maintain.

Thus, if you’re interested in getting the 180 waves to look chic like your neighbor, you should stick with me as I share the tricks on how to achieve that.

Starter’s Kit For Getting 180 Waves

As I previously stated, 180 waves are simple to form and maintain; nevertheless, that doesn’t mean you won’t have to work hard to achieve them. If you’re serious about getting the waves, then you first need to gather the essential equipment and supplies. 

I call them the waves starter’s kit, which includes – a wave brush, durags/ wave caps, moisturizer, shampoo, and conditioner.

Waves Brush

Waves Brush

A lightweight brush with sturdy bristles that don’t pull off is essential for a wave hairstyle. Depending on your hair length and texture, you could get either a soft, medium, or hard brush.

But I suggest you start with a soft-bristled brush to prevent injury to your scalp, especially if you have a fine, straight hair texture. Although, for coarse-textured hair, you should probably opt for a medium to hard brush if you want to create waves effectively. This is because the brush needs to get to your scalp for the waves to form.

Another tip you should have in mind when purchasing a brush for your waves is that you should go for one that’s comfortable in your hands. You’re probably going to be brushing your hair for a lengthy time, so getting one that is too big or small won’t be effective. You might end up with hand cramps or choppy wave formation.



Several things might cause your hair to become dry and flaky, regardless of how much moisture you think it has. And if you’re going to brush through your hair every day, you’ll want your hair moisturized and frizz-free.

Also, washing your hair can deplete it of its natural sebum oil; thus, to maintain healthy hair, you need always to apply a moisturizer to your hair strands. Most people opt for pomade, and it’s very effective at forming 180 waves because it makes the hair oily to facilitate easy brushing. 

However, it contains a high volume of petroleum jelly, so it leaves the hair greasy, especially if your hair is fine and thin. Another suitable moisturizer option to get 180 waves is Shea butter which is lightweight.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Shampoo and Conditioner

Having a hair washing routine is essential for getting the 180 waves. Before applying the wave grease, you must ensure your hair is clean and free of residue, dust, and oils.

When purchasing a hair shampoo, you must get a sulfate-free one. Shampoos are known to deplete the natural sebum. Using one containing sulfate would lead to dehydrated and brittle hair and scalp. Also, an anti-dandruff shampoo formulation is appropriate if you have scalp conditions like itchy scalps and dandruff.

After shampooing, using a conditioner on your hair is essential. A conditioner would help replenish and increase moisture in the hair. Select a conditioner with ingredients that nourish and strengthen the hair follicles and strands. This allows your hair to withstand the rigorous brushing that comes after.

Durags And Wave Caps

Durags And Wave Caps

A wave haircut isn’t complete without a durag or wave cap. These headwears help maintain the style, especially when sleeping. It’s also suggested you wear the durags during the day to facilitate fast wave formation. Also, if you don’t cover your newly formed waves with a durag or wave cap at night, trust me, your bed tossing would destroy the waves.

When tying the durag, you mustn’t tie it too tight. After all, you are likely to wear it for a long time. And the good part about this is that wearing a durag is fashionable, so you don’t have to worry about looking awkward.

When going for durag shopping, you’ll find various types made from silk, velvet, satin, or mesh. Now that you know what you need for your wave journey let’s dive into the big question – how to get 180 waves. 

Aha! Moment: I suggest you opt for the silky durags. It is known to be better at wave formation and maintenance than the others.

How To Get 180 Waves

The secret to any good wave pattern is constant brushing. Brush, brush, and brush till you’re satisfied, or your hands start begging for relief. 

The time and effort you spend brushing your hair will determine how fast and well your waves form. 

Besides, knowing the right direction on how to brush is crucial. Therefore, let’s look at the five easy steps to achieve the 180 waves.

Step 1: Get An Appropriate Haircut

Get An Appropriate Haircut

Not every hairstyle and length is suitable for the waves. The first step to achieving the 180 waves is visiting your barber and requesting the perfect haircut.

The most appropriate is the mid or high fade hairstyle, with the upper part within one inch long. This is because waves are easy to form on short hair.

Step 2: Have Your Washing Routine

Have Your Washing Routine

The next step is to shampoo your short hair with a sulfate-free formulation. This removes the residue dirt built up in your hair and scalp that might prevent the moisturizer from doing its job effectively. 

It would be best if you did this twice a week or at most thrice. You don’t want the shampoo stripping your hair of its natural oils and leaving it dry and brittle. However, you can condition your hair every day.

Remember to use special shampoo and conditioner formulations to take care of any scalp-related conditions if you have any. Failure to treat them would ruin your waves in the long run. It would be best if you did this in the morning, as this gives you enough time to brush your hair during the length of the day.

Step 3: Rub In A Moisturizer

Rub In A Moisturizer

Pomade is commonly used. Rub a sufficient amount of pomade into your damp hair, from the crown of your head to the forehead.

While rubbing, rub and stroke in the forward direction. This is more like you’re prepping your hair for brushing. The warmth and pressure from your hand with the effect of the moisturizer help prepare your hair for the main action.

Step 4: Get Your Wave Brush and Brush Through

Get Your Wave Brush and Brush Through

This is where the main action lies. How you brush your hair can make or mar your waves formation journey.

Following the same forward-stroke direction and angle, brush your hair from the crown to the forehead. You can make 100 brush strokes initially. Or you could decide to measure using time, say between 5 to 15 minutes.

Take a chill because the constant pressure can strain your hands. Afterward, you go back to your brushing session. You can see a movie, make a call, or listen to music to distract yourself while brushing. But remember to brush in forward strokes.

In addition, ensure that you run your brush through your hair in not less than 30 minutes a day. And avoid using too much pressure that could injure your scalp or pull off your hair strands.

Step 5: Cover Up With A Durag

Cover Up With A Durag

The final step is to carefully lay down the durag around your head and secure it with the flaps. Ensure you don’t tie it tight as you might have headaches or line marks. Also, it’s best to wear it with the seam facing up to prevent the seam line from ruining your waves.

Wearing a durag will help lock in moisture, facilitate faster wave formation, and maintain the wave style. A wave cap is a suitable substitute if you don’t have a durag. Interestingly, you can use both together for better results.

How To Get 180 Waves With Coarse Hair

As much as most men have fine soft hair, some men out there still battle with extremely coarse hair. But does it mean that such men can’t style their hair to get 180 waves?

Men with coarse or thicker hair can achieve the 180 degrees hairstyle—albeit with more effort and time. When purchasing a wave brush, go for the medium to hard brush bristles if you have coarse hair. You need a brush that can effectively get to the root of your hair.

Also, before brushing, you would need more of the moisturizer to help soften your hair. When it’s time to brush, you might need to put in more effort than the guy with soft hair. This procedure might take longer to achieve, but patience is vital.

How To Get 180 Waves With Straight Hair

Not only men with type 4 hair can rock the 180 waves, but even men with 1a to 2c hair can also do likewise. Thus, if you’re interested in how to get 180 waves with straight hair, then it’s your lucky day, as I will be sharing tips on how you can do so.

Firstly, you need to get a haircut. However, bear in mind that you need longer hair than the regular guy. 2 inches in length is appropriate. Next, when shopping for a moisturizer, go for one that is lightweight with hydrating properties. Your hair isn’t coarse or curly, so using a dense cream would cause it to be too greasy and clog your follicles.

Afterward, follow the five steps I mentioned above to get the 180 waves. Although yours might take a little longer to develop, you could be looking at six weeks or more. 

Watch This!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Get 180 Waves?

This is a question frequently asked by most men. The 180 waves do not magically appear on your head after a day of brushing. Achieving a beautiful wave haircut takes consistency and patience.

Your hair texture and type might influence how long it takes to get the 180 waves. It might take 4 to 6 weeks for most men to notice waves. This is usually after you have done the necessary wave routine and used a durag to maintain it at night. If you default from this, then it might take you longer.

It might take a bit longer than six weeks for men with straight hair to spot the 180 waves. However, it’s worth the wait with how stylish you will look afterward.

Is It Safe To Wear A Durag For A Long Time?

Yes, it’s safe, provided you don’t tie it too tight. In fact, to speed up the formation of the waves and get better waves, tying a durag all day long is advised. Besides, it’s fashionable and accentuates most outfits, so it’s a win-win situation.

Also, you must tie a durag at night before sleeping, as it helps maintain the waves style and prevent it from ruining. If you have a wave cap, it’s all better. Wear the wave cap on your head, then secure firmly with a durag.

What Hair Brush Should You Use For Waves?

The best wave brushes are those with boar bristles. This enables the brush to effectively spread the moisturizer around your hair while facilitating a perfect wave pattern. 

A soft-bristled brush is appropriate for men with shorter or straight hair to develop waves. But if you have coarse or long hair, then using a hard brush is needed as only such brush can get to the roots of your hair. However, if you experience scalp injury, switch to a medium brush.

Also, when purchasing a wave brush, it is best to go for those with wooden or steel handles. Plastic brush handles are more prone to static. Moreover, avoid a brush with wide teeth as this produces waves with uneven patterns. A comb is also a no-no.

How Often Do I Shampoo My Hair For Waves?

To get a definite wave pattern, I recommend you wash your hair 2 to 3 times weekly. Excessive hair washing could cause your hair to become dry and lose moisture.

Also, men with 4c curly and wavy hair with a high porosity do not need to wash their hair regularly. And always remember to apply a conditioner after each wash to moisturize and soften your hair. This enables the wave brush to move through without stress.

However, some men prefer to skip the shampooing part and head straight to conditioning. But if you’re involved in daily strenuous activities like sports, this might not be a good choice.


Because it is simple to achieve and sustain, 180 waves are fast rising in popularity over 360 waves. Most guys, though, are still unsure how to proceed. Some people believe that brushing your hair every day is all that is needed.

But I’m confident that this article has shown you how to make 180-degree waves in the comfort of your own house. Also, for white guys who believe waves are only for black guys, I guess it’s time you rethink and try developing waves with your straight hair.

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