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How To Get Curly Hair (Black Male): We Snip Some Pro Tips

Last Updated on: April 11, 2024

Natural, free-flowing black men’s hair emphasizes a range of fashion trends. 

While some individuals find it difficult to create or maintain clean curls, once you get the hang of them, it’s easy to get those bouncy spiral-shaped coils.


Straight hair may be curled using a variety of techniques.

You may use bobby pins, curlers, or your fingers. There is also the rag-rolling method. Using men’s fashion tools and products unquestionably makes it easier.

Whether you have straight hair, wavy hair, or just want to highlight the texture of your curly hairstyle, this article might be for you.

Steps In Achieving Curly Hairstyles

Male with curls

If you have natural curls, defining your curls and controlling frizz is what you should focus on. If not, getting curls can need a bit more work. 

To achieve black male hair curly, the steps are as follows:

1. Wash Your Hair

Customer having a hair wash at salon

To start, you’ll need clean, moist hair. In general, styling and maintaining damp hair is easier.

Even better, moist hair works best for hairstyle sprays. Wash your hair with any high-end shampoo that contains organic, hair-reviving, and conditioning characteristics.

However, it is even more important to prepare and protect your curls by washing and conditioning them with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner if you decide to use heat styling to develop curls.

Because black hair is prone to dryness, the following step will concentrate on applying a hair conditioner to minimize frizz.

Due to the dryness of afro hair, it is not advised to utilize heat styling procedures on it. 

For the same reason, it is suggested that you wash and condition your hair once or twice a week using an anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner.

Your curls will stay moisturized with the aid of these things. After washing, use a curl-defining conditioner to hydrate and detangle your curls to maintain their health.

2. Apply A Leave-In Conditioner

Male applying hair moisturizer

A leave-in conditioner promotes fuller, smoother hair while protecting your locks from heat damage.

Make four sections in your hair to start. Using your fingers, a comb with wide teeth, or a detangling brush, gradually apply the conditioner to each part. 

From the root of your hair, now gradually work your way outward.

To fight roughness, you might also need to apply a heat protection product or a serum that controls frizz. Moisture is your best ally if you’re attempting to achieve a curly hairstyle.

A dime-sized quantity of hair serum applied to wet hair will seal in moisture, ward against dryness, and make sure that your curls stay soft and defined.

Additionally, using a heat protection spray helps speed up the drying process once you begin blow-drying your hair while shielding it from heat damage that might cause your strands to become frizzy or dry.

Use hair spray to create permanent curls.

Your hair should be sprayed with high-quality hairstyling products. Lift the roots of your hair and distribute the product evenly. 

To make sure it completely covers the surface, you can also rake it with your hands. For textured, realistic-looking curls, hairstyle spray is a need.

3. Create Finger Coils

At this stage, you can select a heat-based approach or a no-heat method:

With Curling Iron

Curling irons

If your hair is still obstinately straight after air drying, you can style it with heat. 

Since curls loosen with time, you may use a curling iron or wand with a smaller barrel than the size of the curl you want.

Try wrapping a few hairs around their finger and straight heating the hair to give it a more defined look. 

If certain portions aren’t curled enough, reapply the hairstyle spray and blow dry as needed.

Without Heat

Customer having hair curled

There are several no-heat techniques for getting curls, such as using your fingers, pins, cloth rollers, and foam rollers.

To define curls and ensure the style lasts longer, gently incorporate a curl-defining gel, mousse, or spray into small sections of your hair before rolling, spraying, or coiling them onto rollers, rags, or coils.

With pin curling, flat or crooked curls and waves are readily repaired. 

By coiling and twisting any unkempt or lifeless hair strands, you may quickly make them into little buns that you can pin with bobby pins.

After around 15 minutes, take out the bobby pins to reveal smooth, frizz-free ringlets.

To avoid frizz and flyaways, oil your hair. Frizz-fighting hair oil aids in defining and hydrating curls without adding weight to the hair.

4. Dry Your Hair

Softly dry it while leaving some moisture after waiting for around 30 to 1 hour. Sixty percent less moisture should be in your hair.

Scrunch moist hair upward with your hands to induce curls since curls naturally form more readily on damp hair.

Use A Diffuser


You may save time by using a diffuser. Use it at its lowest setting, always. If you choose to heat style your hair, use a diffuser attachment to spread the heat evenly across your head.

Spreading the heat evenly through the hair can help to improve the curling result while boosting volume, reducing frizz, and minimizing heat damage.

Remove the nozzle from your hair dryer if it doesn’t have a diffuser to create a bigger stream of air.

To properly dry your hair and give it curls, place the diffuser on the roots and work your way up. Dry from the bottom up as well. 

To activate the hold of the hairstyle spray, use the other hand to softly squeeze the places where the heat is contacting while applying it to various portions of your hair.

Add extra hairstyle spray when your hair starts to feel dryer to create an even curlier appearance.

Let It Dry Naturally

Heat styling may damage black hair and produce frizz, so you should be careful of this. On dry, delicate curls, blow-drying is never advised. 

After defining your curls with a frizz-fighting styling foam or frizz mousse, it is advisable to let them air dry.

After giving your curls a light scrunching with a curl-defining spray, gel, or mousse, let them air dry. 

Coat each curl generously to help moisturize and protect your strands for softer, shinier curls.

Avoid using a towel to dry your hair if you want to have curly hair since doing so will make your hair less springy.

5. Manage Unruly Hair

Black male patting hair

To reduce frizz and define each coil for soft, bouncy curls that are smooth and lustrous, use nourishing hair oil.

To accentuate your natural curl pattern and add texture and volume, you may also apply a styling spray. 

This increases the suppleness of hair, controls frizz, and maintains distinct curls all day. Using hairstyle spray on newly curled hair will give it loads of grips, lift, and a beachy texture.

Apply more styling products for texture and hold.

Use a flexible pomade or lotion to keep your curls in place. Feel free to style your hair with your fingertips one final time to get the precise look you want.

Only smoothen the rough edges as a last resort.

Dryness and breakage can cause hair strands to flatten, which lowers elasticity and makes it challenging for curls to rebound. 

By removing dry, damaged ends, routine trims help maintain your curls looking fresh and healthy.

Styling Products You Must Have

Male finger-combing hair

On how to get curly hair for a black male, it isn’t always about the process but also the aftercare:

Hair Masque

Hair Masque

An essential component of a deep conditioning regimen for curly hair is a hair masque. 

Frequently, the product is used twice a month, at regular intervals. 

It functions like any other conditioner and aids in preventing frizz. Even some masque products include vitamins to hydrate your hair.

This gives your hair a fresh new look from the inside out. Thus, it aids in solving typical hair problems. 

How long you should use a masque depends on its nature and substance. It is typically used for a few minutes.

It provides curls with a silky, shining appearance when applied for a few minutes. It provides greater aesthetics overall. 

Masques work well on bushy hair since they have so many benefits.

Although this product has several benefits, frequent usage might cause residue to accumulate on your scalp. 

Therefore, using it just once or twice a month is generally preferable. It’s not intended for daily use.

Don’t confuse a masque for a conditioner, even though they are extremely similar. Masque penetrates your hair to the hair cuticle, whereas conditioner merely rests on the hair’s surface.

Hair Gel

Hair Gel

Hairstyles with waves, coils, and loose curls work well with gel. Finding the ideal gel for your curls helps keep your hair in place all day. 

Additionally, it may prevent frizz and maintain moisture in the hair.

You can maintain the bounce of your long and curly hair by using the proper gel. Of course, that appears to be quite alluring. 

For a moist feeling, some guys add a few drops of olive oil to the gel.

There is no need to use a hairdryer while applying gels to the hair. After some time, it spontaneously dries.

Your curls would stay in place throughout the day if you used a strong “hold hair gel.” This is the product you need if you want your curls to remain up or seem ruffled.

Additionally, it works well on short, curly hair. An excellent gel will provide a wonderful touch to hair that is only a few inches long.

Hairstyling Clay

Hairstyling Clay

Many people mistake hair styling clay with hair styling wax. 

The former is better for your curly hair than the latter, which leaves residue. For curls, hair styling clay is recommended because of this.

In contrast to wax, hairstyling clay provides a low-firm grip and won’t make you seem sloppy. Your curls look neat and bouncy when worn.

Styling Creams

Styling Creams

To improve curly curls, styling creams work best when used in conjunction with deep conditioning solutions. For hair that is a couple of inches long, it makes a beautiful combination. 

This cream will enhance the curls in your hair, whether you have coily curls, kinky curls, or waves.

Styling creams are a solo product that you might use if your curly hair is fairly long. This cream works well for loose curls because it won’t hold your hair in place for very long. 

Trim Talk: Managing your hair – curly or otherwise – is important especially if your scalp is prone to contracting folliculitis. Swing by this post and know what medicated shampoo works best for you — Best Shampoo For Folliculitis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can natural oils make black men’s hair healthy?

It does. Natural oils offer a green solution to care for your hair by addressing problems including dry scalp and hair loss and providing shine, and safeguarding against damage. Since natural oils decrease exposure to dangerous chemicals, using them is also excellent for the environment and your health.

Does plant-based butter help black males get curly hair?

Yes. You may see the use of butter on many “how to get curly hair for black male” guides because it helps with the structure of your hair and makes taking care of curly hair easier. Butter aids in keeping the feel and structure of your curls. Additionally, it reduces frizz since it dampens the hair.

What kind of brush to use for black men’s curly hair? 

For styling longer hair, you need an afro comb or a broad tooth comb. Both situations allow for the use of brushes but only in moderation to prevent hair damage. Hard brushes are used to shape your hair into more defined forms, and soft brushes are used to flatten or manage any stray hairs that may try to stick out.


Black males with curly hair must be committed to maintaining it. You must be careful when taking care of your hair. These tips for black men with curly hair can come in handy. In light of this, take some time to learn about your hair and make sure you choose the best hair products.

Good luck! We can’t wait to hear about your new hair.

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