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Curly Hair Buzz Cut: Top 6 Stylish Trends For The Modern Men

Last Updated on: April 11, 2024

A man may have curly hair that makes many around him envious, but one should be fully aware of how unexpected and challenging it can be to maintain those spirals.


Trimming it short is frequently the easy answer. 

Buzz cuts come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Although it is easier to maintain, it is also highly fashionable.

Plus, when it comes to men’s hair grooming, time is a valuable resource. Curl management might be difficult unless you’re ready to let it go wild.

Thus, buzzing it down could be the solution.

So let’s get started.

Buzz Cuts For Curly Hair Overview

Black male curious

Curly-haired males may be aware that there are several sorts, even if they may appear to be very similar to casual onlookers.

You may try to achieve tight curls, coiled curls, kinky curls, and other shapes.

When trimming a curly hair buzz cut, detailed knowledge of how the various varieties seem is not crucial. 

In the end, the kind of curls you have shouldn’t matter all that much when choosing a buzz cut.

It is more crucial to understand and be able to distinguish between the primary buzz cut varieties. In the end, the style is quite straightforward, yet there are many distinct versions of it.

It’s a catch-all phrase that refers to a variety of fashions. 

You should be aware of the following major ones:

  • Induction Cut – What many people instinctively imagine when they hear the word “Buzz Cut.” All directions have the same brief trimming. When very short, it has a distinctly military look.
  • Burr Cut – In comparison to the sides, the top’s curls are a little bit longer by a few millimeters.
  • Crew Cut – The top hair is noticeably longer than the sides. A pompadour is frequently formed at the front of the top. A Butch and the Ivy League (a lengthy Crew Cut) are examples of variations (the top is cut at a uniform length).

It’s important to point out that any of these looks may have their sides and back faded. 

Nowadays, buzz cuts with curly hair are very common with faded sides. Low fade, mid fade, or high fade are all possible.

Several distinct variables will affect the buzz cut style you decide on for your curly hair.

Priority must be given to personal preference. If you enjoy the feel and appearance of a crew cut, you should at least give it a shot.

Nevertheless, don’t forget to factor in maintenance requirements. 

Given how simple an Induction Cut DIY is, you could handle and trim it very competently. However, maintaining Crew Cuts will probably require some guidance from experts.

They frequently have long enough tops to give you some style options. Induction Cuts often wouldn’t. Consider this before making your choice if it is important to you.

Best Buzz Cuts For Curly Hair

1. Simple Induction Cut

Simple Induction Cut

An Induction Cut is reduced to the same, equal, short length in all directions and dimensions.

Certainly, there are advantages to this, such as how simple it is to DIY. If you did decide to do it yourself, you might maybe save a lot of money and time on trips to the barber.

The subtle masculinity of its simplicity is present. Despite being quite simple, it does have a way of looking fashionable in nearly any situation. 

The unusual appearance of a buzz cut may sometimes look quite spectacular, whether it may be wavy or curled.

This style is ideal for guys who have extensive receding hairlines. In contrast to what Crew Cuts might be able to achieve, it cannot conceal or disguise receding temples. 

However, it’s a classy and elegant approach to accepting baldness while projecting a subdued air of resistance.

Similar to the high-and-tight Crew Cut, the Induction Cut has a unique military appearance that many men find attractive.

It is straightforward, svelte, fashionable, and effective. Consider giving it a try if any of this strikes a chord with you.

2. Induction Cut With Low Fade

A low fade is somewhat higher than a mild taper, ending just over the sideburn. 

You’ll be able to see that it’s a really easy technique to give a buzz cut some personality. It’s amazing since it updates a very classic look while yet preserving a subtlety.

The low fade is evolving into a more useful style over time. You may probably find one in just about every setting, career, and circumstance now that they are becoming so widespread.

They have succeeded in bridging the generational gap. 

Nowadays, a middle-aged guy may be seen sporting a low fade, although, in the past, it was only the young, urban, and fashionable who wore it.

3. Buzzed And Bearded

Buzzed And Bearded

The combination of buzz cuts and beards looks great. There are other elements at play, even if part of this is because adding a beard is a very simple technique to increase masculinity.

The ability to change the form of the face and head is another advantage that a beard-growing male with a buzz cut could experience.

Buzz cuts are excellent in a variety of ways, but they frequently take away a significant benefit that longer hair provides you. They would be easier to style if you left them longer. 

The contour of your head and face as a whole might therefore be adjusted and changed with it. Making it appear more, rather than less, square or round is one example.

Unless you have a longer Crew Cut, buzz cuts, which mostly display your head’s shape without any way to adjust it, are an exception to this rule.

However, a beard can assist you in this. Beards have been used to modify the form of faces ever since they first became popular (whenever that was).

They can be used to extend the chin, widen the jawline, and soften the cheekbones.

For this main reason, they can be the best complement to a male with a curly buzz cut.

4. Curled Crew Cut

A Crew Cut looks great on men with curls.

In contrast to a crew cut’s short, buzzed sides, the hair on top of the head is substantially longer.

The type of top hair further describes the type of Crew Cut. The front of traditional Crew Cuts has a tidy pompadour style.

On Ivy League Cuts, a Butch Cut is particularly long and is cut to the same length from the back to the front. 

A Flat Top has the same combination of long top and short sides, but the top is styled to have a flat, “deck”-like appearance.

A traditional Crew Cut would look terrific with curly hair. It has a striking appearance and radiates elegance. The maintenance requirements of this cut would be higher. 

You’ll probably need a barber to cut it and maybe some other highly pricey grooming supplies.

You are already aware of the difficulties during the maintenance process. If you were trying to simplify your life, opting for short Induction Cuts would be ideal.

If you wanted to preserve some styling versatility while keeping it simple to maintain, then an Induction Cut or a short Crew Cut, like a Butch Cut, could be the best option.

5. Crew Cut With Skin Fade

Crew Cut With Skin Fade

You’ll need a skilled barber to take care of this one for you because it’s difficult to do correctly. 

This hairstyle is a fade that progresses upwards into the curls on top. 

To add interest and originality, you may also use the sides and back. 

Starting at zero, a “skin fade” gradually lengthens as you ascend. Since you physically shave down to the skin’s surface to begin the fade, it is known as a “skin fade.”

However, if you want a more striking curled cut, adding a skin fade can be a fantastic choice for you.

6. Simple Curr Burr Cut

Unlike a Crew Cut, a Burr Cut’s top is barely any longer than the sides and back of the head.

Pretty often, this tapering aspect develops quite naturally and wonderfully. Buzz cuts might become a ball of fuzz if the back and sides aren’t kept tight. 

Trim the Burr Cut such that the sides and back are a little tighter than the top to avoid this.

Trim Talk: You might want to try something creative with your hair. Try this one out: How To Get Dreads.

Additional Tips

Black male scratching head

Although buzz cuts normally please guys with curls for a very long time, there may come a point when you desire to go back to having long lengths.

To make the process as comfortable as possible, there are a few things to remember.

  1. Consult your barber regularly. Buzz cuts often develop in the form of an outward-growing ball of fuzz or a bonnet. To make it appear more natural, the sides and rear should be tapered.
  2. Have proper night-time curl care. Take care of your curls as they lengthen. They are very fragile and easily tangled. If necessary, tie it up in a bun or ponytail to prevent tangling. Satin pillowcases aid in preventing damage as well.
  3. Debunk the myths. No, when you grow out a buzz cut, cutting it won’t cause you to lose your natural curls. Give it time, be patient, and take good care of them.

Watch This!

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I shave my curly hair?

Cutting your hair with a wavy hairline won’t make your natural hair curlier but it may enhance your natural hairstyle. While trimming your natural hair might make it look bouncy, the outcome will rely on your curl pattern and the cutting technique used.

Can your hair change after a buzz cut?

Your nice looks and thrilling appearance will come from those facial features in sports. Curly hair buzz-cut haircuts need less effort and little care — the buzz cut has little impact on hair growth.

Can a buzz cut get rid of curls?

Getting a buzz cut does not necessarily mean that you will lose your natural curls when they grow. Give it time, be patient, and take good care of them. Although trimming doesn’t change the structure of hair, it does improve curl patterns.


Some guys may find curls annoying due to their higher care needs, yet many other men would kill to have them. A buzz cut can be for you if you’re seeking a strategy to keep those curls fashionable while significantly reducing care needs and costs.

Whichever it may be, always make sure to follow the correct procedures and safety measures. We’re excited about your new fun hairstyle!

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