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How Much Is A Perm For Men? We Check Out The Prices For You!

Last Updated on: May 10, 2024

Thankfully, the days of curling hair with perm tongs over a gas flame are long gone, as are the days of putting cow urine into the hair. 

You may not believe me but…

These tongs destroy your hair’s structure and protein bonds, forcing them to conform to the shape of the perm roller they’re wrapped around. 

According to research, “exposure to the sodium thioglycolate solution for 15–30 minutes… To restore the pH balance and re-bond the hair, a neutralizer solution is used.”

A perm nowadays uses electric heat and chemicals to give curls to your hair.

With so many changes in the procedures of perming hair, perm prices have both hiked and dropped, so let’s go into deeper detail!

Perm Prices

Hairdresser accessories

Short hair perms range from $30 to $150, medium-length hair perms from $60 to $200, and long hair perms from $80 to $400. 

Short hair is the cheapest since it requires the least quantity of product and time to prepare and install the perm rods. Long hair, on the other hand, takes more time, product, and care.

Hair LengthPerm Cost
Short$30 – $150
Medium$60 – $200
Long$80 – $400

Recommended Hair Length For Perm

Hair length

Perms require a few inches of hair to wrap around the perm rods and generate the curls. Short hair might restrict the styles you can wear. 

If you want waves, for example, long hair is ideal since you’ll have more hair to work with. Soft waves are difficult to achieve with short hair.

Factors To Consider When Getting Perm

Close up of man looking at hair strands

Perms work best on those who have some length and healthy hair. Your selected style will determine the optimal hair length and healthiness. 

Other variables, including your lifestyle, might also influence whether or not a perm is right for you.

Consider the following factors to evaluate whether you’re a good perm candidate:

  1. Chlorine Exposure: Chlorine can harm permed hair.
  2. Hair Bleaching Frequency: If you’ve recently treated your hair with chemicals, it may be unable to withstand the chemicals from a perm.
  3. Hair Layer: You may need to wait longer to perm your hair or pay more for the extra work required.
  4. Hair Texture And Length: Before a stylist can give you a perm, you may require extra treatments.

If you’re unsure, ask your hairdresser ahead of time so they can examine your hair more closely and evaluate what they can realistically do.

Types Of Perming Methods

Acid, alkaline, digital, exothermic, dual-action, and organic perming procedures are also available. 

The types of chemicals used (if any), when they’re applied, and how they influence hair to generate a curl all vary. 

The cost of these procedures is influenced by their complexity, methodology, and tools. 

Below, we’ll go through these strategies in further detail:

1. Acid Or Hot Perm

The acidic chemical, Glyceryl Monothioglycolate, is used to dissolve the disulfide bonds in your hair. 

Your curls are then shaped using heat. This process takes longer to set but is kinder on the hair than others.

2. Alkaline Or Cold Perms

To create your curls without using heat, apply a perm lotion or a perm solution containing Ammonium Thioglycolate. 

This procedure makes curls stay longer, but it’s not suggested for hair that’s weak or thinning.

3. Digital Perms

Digital perm rods are used, which allow stylists to adjust the heat intensity. These are fantastic for tighter curls and defined curls, but the rods are pricey and appointments are costly.

4. Exothermic Perms

Chemical heat is generated using acid or alkaline. This allows your hairdresser to curl your hair by opening the hair shaft. 

This approach is ideal for hair that has shown to be resistant to prior treatments.

5. Dual-Action Perms

Before applying perm rods, this softens and smoothes the hair. To aid in the curing process, your stylist will apply a mildly alkaline solution.

6. Organic Perms

Curls are created using natural oils and other non-chemical solutions.

Types Of Perm

The various distinct approaches and aesthetics available account for the huge diversity. 

Spiral perm, beach wave, and stacked perm all need various processes and cost varying amounts of money.

The pricing ranges of typical perm styles are listed below.

Perm StyleCost
Root$30 – $80
Spot Or Partial$30 – $100
Volumizing$40 – $150
Body Wave$40 – $200
Beach Wave$40 – $200
Stacked Or Multi-Textured$40 – $250
Straight$30 – $400
Spiral$45 – $200
Weave Perm$70 – $110

There are many distinct varieties of perms, and some stylists call the same perm by multiple names. We’ll go through some common styles below to help you figure out what you prefer.

Modern perms can cost anything from $40 to $800. 

1. Straight Perms

Instead of curling your hair, straight perms will leave it permanently straight. This is also known as a Korean magic perm, Japanese straight perm, or reverse perm. 

Your hairdresser will use a solution to break down the connections in your hair, flat iron it, and then use a neutralizer to help it keep its new form. 

Alternatives to chemicals might be considered if you choose to avoid them. 

A silk press, for example, is often less expensive than a straight perm since it does not require the use of chemicals.

2. Spiral Perms

For a natural look, spiral perm generates tight, bouncy curls of various lengths and sizes. This style is usually achieved with a cold perm solution.

3. Body Wave Perms

Soft waves are created by body wave perms, which are less bouncy and require less upkeep than tight curls. To generate natural-looking waves, large rods are put throughout the hair.

4. Beach Wave Perms

This resembles the tousled waves you get after a day at the beach. This design is ideal for folks with long hair who desire a low-maintenance style.

5. Stack Or Multi-Textured Perms

Curls are created with a stack of perm rods in a stack or multi-textured perms. This perm is easy to style and maintain, and it may be applied to the center or ends of your hair.

6. Volumizing Perms

By removing the perm rods before applying the neutralizer, you may volumize your perms. This produces softer waves with greater volume. This appearance usually only lasts a few months at most.

7. Root Perms

This perms the hair at the roots and adds volume with cold perming. It uses less perm solution and neutralizer than other procedures, but it does need some care. 

Because the weight of lengthy hair may pull the roots straight, it works better on shorter hair.

8. Spot Perm, Partial Perm, Or Plain Curl Perms

If you have thin bits of hair or want more volume in certain areas, spot, partial, or plain curl perms are ideal. 

It’s easy to maintain and works with both tight and loose curls. This style can be achieved with either hot or cold perms.

9. Weave Perms

This adds volume by creating waves and bodies throughout your hair.

If you’re still undecided about the sort of perm you want, bring in some inspirational photographs or choose a couple from your stylist’s portfolio that you like. 

Your hairdresser should explain the procedure, including any chemicals used, the effects on your hair, and the cost.

Other Factors That Affect Perm Prices

Hair combing

Aside from hair length, perming method, and style, additional factors such as your location and current hair condition might influence the ultimate cost of your hair perm. 

Check out these additional considerations while researching stylists.

  1. Location: If you reside in a high-cost-of-living location.
  2. Stylist’s Expertise: In exchange for the abilities they’ve refined over the years, stylists’ expertise will come at a greater price.
  3. Type Of Salon: Higher-end places tend to be more expensive.
  4. Hair’s Current Condition: If your stylist needs to do extra treatments to prepare your hair for a perm, it might affect the pricing.

Choosing The Best Type Of Perm

Hair clips for perming

You may select the perfect hair perm for you by looking at photographs of various styles and obtaining advice from your stylist during your appointment. 

Keep in mind that a perm from one individual may not look the same on your hair. The ultimate look of your perm is influenced by your hair’s history, density, texture, and health.

Perm Maintenance

Long hair clip for perming

Curly hair is distinct from straight hair and should be treated as different to maintain its appearance. The curls will release over time, and your straight hair will grow back in. 

Your hair may drag on the curls and pull them out faster if it is long, but a perm should last at least three months.

  1. Do not wash, brush, or comb your hair for 48 hours following your perm since the keratin takes that long to solidify naturally.
  2. Hair should be washed in warm, not hot, water.
  3. Apply a style gel or mousse to wet hair after washing to emphasize your wavy hair. (This isn’t necessary with a digital perm.)
  4. To dry it, use a diffuser.
  5. Rubber bands should be avoided.
  6. Brush with toothcombs that are broad.
  7. Color the recently permed for a few weeks to avoid damaging an already damaged head of hair.

Perks Of A Professional Perm


A professional perm is worth the extra money because you are paying for your stylist’s talent and knowledge. 

Since they’ve worked with perming chemicals and tools before, the hairdresser can keep your hair safe.

They can even suggest the best perm for your hair or tell you if it’s not healthy enough for one. 

Following your appointment, your stylist should offer you product recommendations and care instructions to help you maintain the healthiest curls and hair possible.

DIY perms may be disastrous if you don’t have the appropriate size rollers, don’t know how to use them, don’t have the right perming solution, or your hair isn’t strong enough to handle a perm. 

You’ll need to do a lot of studies to figure out how each strategy works and how you can get your ideal look. Curling hair that is hard to see or reach might be tough.

Watch This!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get a perm for guys?

Hair removal takes between 3 and 4 hours each week in most cases. This depends on the stylist’s abilities and the haircut. However, as long as the style is maintained, you save time and work. The average male perm lasts between two and six months.

Are perms bad for men’s hair?

Yes, they could be bad. Hair loss will increase if your hair is exposed to additional chemicals. This is because of its chemical method, which permanently reverses hair and harms hair if it is not properly processed and removed.

How long does a men’s perm last?

Perms can last anywhere from one to three weeks, depending on the type of perm, hair care routine, and rate of growth.


You have all the information you need to go to the salon now that you know how much a perm costs. I look forward to seeing you with your most confident and attractive look. Catch the attention of everyone with an appearance that suits you best!

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