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How Long Do Perms Last For Guys: We Play The Waiting Game!

Last Updated on: April 10, 2024

Perms are fascinating for men. Most guys with perms have wavy or curly hair. We contemplated how frequently we ought to visit the salon in light of a recent trend.


How long does a perm last? Or specifically, how long do perms last for guys?

Generally, men’s perms last 3 to 4 months. The majority of males with permed hair return every four months. It’s better to have a perm often because it doesn’t stay forever. 

You may notice that your hair growth begins in a different direction than it did when you first started. So let’s learn more about male perm and perm styles.

How Long Do Perms Last For Guys

hair perming session at a parlor

The term “perm” was derived from the word “permanent”. This means that the hairdo is preserved on the hair forever. 

But is it lasting? Usually, how long does a perm last for men?

Compared to other haircuts like short hair or hair dryers, permed hair lasts longer. However, putting all of your efforts into looking well is insufficient.

Instead of curly hair, silky wavy hair is the most typical perm for males. It is preferable to leave the schedule empty if you intend to conduct a perm because development takes a long period.

A skilled hairdresser often needs three to five hours to complete a perm. The length of the hair and the stylist’s level of expertise both have a role.

However, because it is a timeless fashion, it might ultimately save you a lot of time. For guys, the typical perm duration is 2 to 6 months.

Your hair type and habits, nevertheless, will determine this. In around 4 months, you might need to re-perm. There are, however, several techniques to make perm last longer.

How Much Does A Permed Hair Cost For Guys

Perming accessories

Male perms often cost between $50 and $200. This may be temporary or digital permanent. The price of each perm varies. 

Although there are many variations, the average cost is about $120.

At first, perms are dreadful. After completion, your hair will not look the same. 

You may need a few months to get back to your previous hairdo. A hair perm is advantageous since it will alter your look.

I strongly advise getting a perm if you are thinking about it. It is enjoyable to try, and the price is not excessive. The average price of a perm for males is shown in the following table.

Type Of PermCost
Spiral Perm$120
Spot Perm$90
Body Wave$90
Digital Perm$130
Temporary Perm$50
Curly Perm$80

What Are The Steps To Make Your Hair Permed Last Longer?

1. Have A Good Initial Hair Care

Hair Care

Particularly crucial are the first 48 hours. You want it to be nearly untouched and dry. I don’t want to ruin the stylist’s hard work because the freshly permed hair is quite sensitive. Attempt to wait the first 24 hours before using a brush or comb. The best option is 48 hours. Within the next 48 hours, avoid washing.

You can unwind a little after this. You should be able to easily comb through and wash your hair, and curls require adequate time to set. You can still avoid making frequent perm payments by adhering to certain broad guidelines and taking certain actions.

2. Avoid Heat Setting

Avoid Heat Setting

Avoid using appliances that set heat, such as hair dryers. Frizz is more likely to occur with permed hair. Additionally, heat styling might cause curls to prematurely relax and lose their form. Air drying or towel drying will work best if you want your perm to linger longer.

Heat protection spray should always be used while using a hair dryer. It protects the hair and, in certain situations, lessens frizz. When perming, it is also advantageous to attach the diffuser to the dryer’s end. 

You won’t need to target at a certain spot for a very long time because it distributes the heat evenly throughout your hair. This increases the likelihood of curls remaining without the frizz. In any event, this is far from ideal. There will likely still be some frizz.

If you must use a hair drier, then use a diffuser and a heat protection spray.

3. Use Less Shampoo

Use Less Shampoo

The hair itself may become exceedingly dry after a perm. Although frequent use of shampoo might dry your hair, it is occasionally necessary for cleaning. Although you don’t want oily hair, curly hair may tolerate oil better than straight hair. It looks less oily since it is evenly distributed throughout the curly hair.

Your curly hair will appear drier, less organized, and frizzy if you use shampoo frequently. Additionally, if you have a perm, you do not have to wash your hair every day with just water. It might dry up. Again, straight hair is more likely to seem greasy than wavy hair. Wash your hair every two to three days, or even once or twice a week.

Make sure you use curling shampoo when using shampoo. Sulfate-free shampoos are unlikely to strip the body of too many natural oils. In general, it is advisable to use chemical treatments and products made for hair curling after perms like Aussie Miracle Curls Shampoo.  It can also contain anti-frizz lotions, serums, and mousses in addition to shampoo and conditioner.

4. Ask For Professional Help

A conditioner is a fantastic option for curly hair as well. In general, it is advisable to use products made for hair curling after perms. It can also contain anti-frizz lotions, serums, and mousses in addition to shampoo and conditioner. The estimated price typically ranges from $30 to $120. It is possible to accomplish it for very little money, but expect to pay for it.

There are excellent and reasonably priced hairdressers. However, having a perm from a skilled hairdresser is typically worthwhile. They often know how to work with a specific natural hair texture and can even identify your hair structure for you.

Although the process of using sticks, solutions, and neutralizers may not seem difficult, a proper perm technique may make the difference between ordinary and exceptional results. It can also tell the difference between a perm that lasts three months and one that lasts five months.

If you go to a more costly stylist just to limit the number of perms, then your overall cost may be lowered.

5. Use Deep Conditioner

Deep Conditioner

A wonderful approach to keep your curls wet and dry is to deep condition them twice or three times each month. This lessens frizz, loose curls, and tangles. It also serves the purpose of replenishing natural oils and damaged curls that shampoo rinsed away.

Deep conditioners need to stay on the hair for a longer period than daily conditioners since they are thicker and have a paste-like consistency. Deep conditioning often prolongs the life of the perm while also improving the aesthetics of the curls.

6. Make Sleeping Habits Routine

Never undervalue the impact of sleeping with a silk scarf wrapped over perfectly straightened curls. You could eliminate more frizz and knots overnight. Men with naturally straight hair may find this strange and completely unfamiliar, but it’s worth a shot. Silk pillowcases are frequently quite beneficial as well, particularly if you have long, curly hair.

In addition to being uncomfortable, sleeping with long, curly hair frequently results in frizz and knots.

7. Get A Regular Haircut

Get A Regular Haircut

You might put off getting your hair trimmed after getting a perm since it will cost more. In general, delaying your haircut makes your perm seem worse over time and makes you more prone to curls and tangles.

Even if you merely trim the split ends, try to cut your hair at least once every two months. In any event, you could need a little bit more than this if you want a shorter length. Longer hair tends to have less apparent curls and a messier appearance. Don’t forget to visit your barber or stylist. 

As the perm wears off, trim your hair frequently to keep it looking crisp.

8. Avoid Dry Brushing Or Combing

Avoid Dry Brushing Or Combing

The curls are really fine. Frizz, needless damage, and loss of the coiled structure can all result from combing or combing incorrectly. To remove these knots, brushing and/or combing are imperative, but proper technique is required.

Dry brushing is generally not a good idea for curly hair. Frizz will result from disrupting the curling pattern. It occurs frequently. As a result, there are also more forks visible.

It’s common practice to use a broad comb to remove tangles when conditioning in the shower.

At the very least, attempt to comb your hair when it is moist rather than when it is dry unless you favor bathing beauty. Please pay attention to the tools you utilize to finish the assignment as well. Frizz and static electricity are typically produced by nylon/synthetic brushes and combs.

Shaver’s Cut: You might want to consider wrapping your newly permed hair by using either a durag or a bandana. Which one would you choose? Know the difference between the two — Durag Vs Bandana.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a perm last for men with long hair?

For guys, perm life is mostly reliant on hair length. Depending on the frequency, permed hair normally lasts 3 to 4 months. It could last between six and eight months for males with long hair.

Are perms permanent for guys?

The immediate reply is no. An average perm lasts three months. The quality of the hair you take care of relies on the thickness of your hair and your natural hair texture. The length of cuts can be shortened by cutting the hair longer.

Can a perm last forever?

If the hair is longer but the lifetime is shorter, it may also be spelled forever. Depending on your hair type and state of health, a perm can last three to six weeks.


If you take great care of your new curls, they should last you for a long time. If you can’t handle a significant problem on your own, always get advice from a professional. Hair damage may be avoided by taking all required measures, using the proper products, and working with a skilled and experienced stylist.

If you want to get wavy hair at home, then take additional precautions to avoid damaging your hair.

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