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How Many Colognes Should A Man Have: We Sniff The Whole Lot

Last Updated on: June 10, 2024

Like clothing and cosmetics, some scents are better suited for specific occasions – daily, party, formal, you name it.

With that in mind…

You’ve probably asked yourself, “how many colognes should a man have?”

The short answer is that there is no “should” – one bottle or ten, it’s your choice. You just have to consider your lifestyle and budget.

But if you still can’t decide on the number of bottles you need, we’re to help you through it! Let’s get started.

Reasons For Having One Cologne

1. You Want A Signature Scent

When you only use one cologne, it becomes your signature scent. It defines who you are, all in one fragrance.

This can leave an everlasting impression on people because they will most likely associate that scent with you.

Your signature scent doesn’t have to be complex. It’s okay to wear a famous cologne brand for a long time. But what will you wear if you’re a beginner who wants to develop a scent profile based on your lifestyle? In that case, you must be familiar with men’s cologne bottle terminology:

  1. Eau Fraiche – This has the lowest perfume oil concentration at 1-3%, which is diluted in alcohol and water. It only lasts for 1-2 hours.
  2. Eau De Cologne – This is commonly referred to as “cologne” and is mainly associated with masculinity, even though it has nothing to do with gender. It has a 2-6% perfume concentration and lasts for two hours.
  3. Eau De Toilette – EDT is one of the most popular fragrance types and is often considered daytime wear. It has a 5-15% perfume concentration and lasts between 2-4 hours.
  4. Eau De Parfum – Though EDP is suitable for daily wear, some consider it a nighttime fragrance because of its 15-20% concentration. It typically lasts for 4-5 hours.
  5. Parfum – This is commonly referred to as “perfume” and is mainly associated with femininity. It has the most concentration at 20-30% and lasts for 6-8 hours. Parfum also has less alcohol than others, so it’s less drying to the skin.

With that in mind, it’s best to get a versatile, timeless fragrance appropriate for any occasion and season – a jack of all trades, master of none, if you will.

2. You Want To Save Money

Some guys can afford just one bottle due to financial restraint. After all, some brands can be pretty expensive.

If you’re on a budget, remember that, on average, a 100mL bottle of cologne lasts for six months if used twice daily and two years if seldom used.

Although money can be restricting, rest assured that one well-selected cologne can go a long way!

3. You Can’t Be Bothered

You might be someone living a busy lifestyle, so you keep your morning routine short and simple.

You may not have enough time to choose between several colognes, so having one bottle to quickly grab and wear is the most convenient option.

On the other hand, you might already be happy with one cologne, so you can’t be bothered with other fragrances. There’s nothing wrong with being content!

Reasons For Having Multiple Colognes

1. You Want A Scent For Different Seasons

Some guys get seasonal colognes or perfumes because the season can affect certain fragrances. Here are some factors to remember if you’re building a collection based on different seasons:

a. Spring


It’s best to wear cologne with crisp and floral notes during spring, such as musk mallow, basil, and orange blossom. Such fragrances complement the refreshing and green elements of the season.

b. Summer


The summer heat activates fragrances, which can intensify your cologne to the point where it’s overbearing. Plus, we tend to sweat more due to hot weather. If you wore a strong perfume, it could mix with your sweat and create a foul smell.

Therefore, it’s best to wear the coolest, lightest, and freshest scents during this time.

c. Fall


When temperatures begin to drop during fall, you can start wearing cologne with a higher projection. You can opt for comforting aromas, such as those with musky and woody notes, to fit the autumn mood.

d. Winter


Fragrances tend to be duller due to the cold weather. Therefore, you can use stronger scents that are long-lasting. We recommend going for warm and rich aromas, such as amber, cinnamon, and other spices, during winter.

Shaver’s Cut: Winter beckons that one should cover up in thick clothing. Colognes would not have the ability to make you shine off your scent. The question is: will your cologne freeze up? We have a post regarding this topic. Read for more information — Can Cologne Freeze.

2. You Want A Scent For Special Occasions

Many guys wear one daytime fragrance for regular activities, such as visiting friends, buying groceries, and doing other chores.

But then, they switch it up during specific occasions to be more fun, exciting, or sophisticated. This can open many possibilities to make experiences more enjoyable. Some of these occasions are:

a. Date Night

Man and woman on a an evening date.

One of the main reasons why guys get multiple bottles of cologne is the desire to impress their love interest. It’s common for people to want to be more attractive or confident for their partner, and some achieve that through fragrances.

Whether you’re having a candlelit dinner at a fancy restaurant or staying at home binge-watching movies, the right cologne can improve your romantic experience.

After all, olfaction (sense of smell) is better at triggering emotions and memories than other human senses.

We recommend wearing subtle fragrances for a date night because they’re not too overwhelming once you get close and intimate.

Another option is to consult your partner about what they like. After all, a relationship is not one-sided. For example, if they don’t like super musky and masculine scents, it’s best to avoid those during date nights.

b. Professional Events

Man suiting up.

When you’re attending a business meeting, an interview, or other formal events, you can impress others by matching your scent to your suit and tie.

We recommend wearing fragrances that will make you more sophisticated without overpowering the person across the room, like those with leathery and sandalwood notes.

c. Playing Sports

Man playing sports

Like your summer scents, a cool, fresh, and lighter cologne can complement your activity level when playing sports. We recommend wearing those with citrus or aquatic notes.

d. Clubbing/Partying

Cubbing scene

You usually want to stand out and grab people’s attention at the club. Unlike professional or date night colognes, clubbing colognes are typically loud and sweet.

This can help you turn heads, especially in an environment with strong visual and auditory stimuli.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many cologne sprays should a man have?

You should be good to go with 2-4 sprays of cologne, but it still depends on your environment. If you’re going on an airplane, spray less; if you’re going to the club, then spray more. You can also pause between each spray to determine if you’re satisfied with the scent. You can always apply it again later on if you feel like the smell has dissipated.

How should I keep my colognes?

An opened cologne usually lasts 2-3 years under the proper storage conditions. It’s best to keep your bottles closed tight and stored in a dark place with a constant cool temperature. Avoid placing them in a very cold fridge or on a window ledge under direct sunlight.

Can I use cologne every day?

Yes, you can. Colognes have a lower concentration than perfumes, so you don’t have to worry about irritating people who are extra sensitive to strong fragrances.

Is it okay to own zero colognes?

There isn’t anything wrong with not using cologne or perfume. These are just nifty accessories to have to make you more appealing. If you’re not using any, then remember to shower regularly and use a deodorant or antiperspirant. After all, we should still be mindful of how we smell.


As you can see, men’s fragrance is entirely subjective. No matter how many bottles you have, the perfect cologne collection will provide you with just the right fragrance at all times.

Meanwhile, it’s also important to note how your cologne reacts to your skin, how it smells after drying off, how long it lasts during the day, and how far it projects. Just because a fragrance fits a particular occasion doesn’t mean you can overlook these factors.

That said, we hope you can give yourself a definite answer the next time you ask, “how many colognes should a man have?”

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