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Can Cologne Freeze: Mini-Guide To Fragrance Storage & Usage

Last Updated on: February 10, 2024

Cologne, also known as eau de cologne, is a unique perfume with one of the highest fragrance concentrations; therefore, they’re made to last on your skin without affecting the people in the room. Unfortunately, one of the most exciting questions that always have troubled folks, especially the ones living in cold nations, “can cologne freeze?”


It’s normal to worry about this; if hot weather can affect cologne, won’t cold weather do the same? So if you’re worried that the low winter temperature will destroy your unique fragrance and want to know if it can freeze, please read on…

Can Cologne Freeze?

Generally, the answer to this question will vary with the chemicals used to make the cologne. Cologne contains a substance not affected by being stored at the near freezing point of about zero degrees Celsius or -32 degrees Fahrenheit.

The presence of ethanol in the cologne helps lower its freezing temperatures.

The more ethanol it contains, the lower its freezing point. Pure alcohol starts freezing at about -114 degrees Celsius or -173 degrees Fahrenheit.

The cologne glass also plays a major role in the freezing process of the cologne. Remember, colognes are a perfect combination of essential oils and alcohol, which makes freezing a rare sight, but the temperature does affect cologne to some extent.

Unfortunately, determining the freezing time of cologne accurately can be almost impossible. And that is because it’s rarely stored in a durable metallic container; instead, it’s shipped in glass bottles. So when frozen, the cologne glass bottles will freeze before the cologne resulting in the bottle cracking.

Glass has no specific freezing point; therefore, determining the freezing point of the fragrance can be a bit challenging. After all, glass is amorphous.

At What Temperature Does Cologne And Perfume Freeze?


As aforementioned, the freezing temperature of fragrance varies, but the high alcohol-based perfume froze at temperatures ranging between -68 and -90 degrees Celsius or-90 to -130 degrees Fahrenheit. On the other hand, perfumes with high alcohol content have lower freezing temperatures, while water-based or low alcohol perfumes freeze at a temperature of about -2 degrees Celsius (-28 degrees Fahrenheit).

On the other hand, Colognes are composed of a fraction of water, alcohol, and essential oils, among others. All these chemicals have their freezing point; therefore, the freezing temperature of the perfume will be determined by a mixture of alcohol and perfume oil. But thanks to its high ethanol level, colognes have a lower freezing temperature than perfume.

Most colognes freeze at a temperature of about -80 degrees Celsius or -112 degrees Fahrenheit; therefore, the fridge or cold weather will never freeze cologne.   

Does Temperature Affect Cologne?

Animated thermometer

Generally, a temperature change can directly impact the chemistry of the cologne. Fragrances are volatile compounds with different chemical compositions that help create their unique scent. Therefore a temperature change can affect the cologne’s chemical balance.

Remember: heat is the worst enemy to colognes as it can easily break its original chemistry.

When exposed to UV rays, heat, and sunlight, the perfume’s top notes will start evaporating, and with time you will notice a darkening of the perfume. You may notice excessive oiliness or cloudiness. Cold is also not ideal for perfumes.

Does Cold Temperatures Damage Cologne?

Frozen Squidward

Cologne freezing is not an issue for most folks; you may have to live in a place like Yakutsk to experience this problem. But even if it freezes, you can still use it once it melts. Fortunately, cologne cannot freeze when left outside overnight in the car.

But one of the key reasons why people ask themselves this question is the low winter temperature when ordering their favorite cologne online.

With the ever-changing temperatures and the perfume left outside by couriers, most folks believe their cologne will be affected by the low freezing temperatures.

This is not the case; in fact, perfumes are fine even when they are left outside in the car or while being transported. So you should be more worried about your perfume being exposed to extremely high temperatures than cold. 

Where Can I Store Perfume?

Steel cabinet spewing flowers

As much as you may be tempted to place your beautiful cologne or perfume bottle on your vanity table, you should avoid that. After all, the UV rays can damage the liquid, change its smell and, in some cases, even destroy your cologne.

Believe it or not, cologne does have an expiration date.

You can have a perfect fragrance for different occasions, but storing perfume correctly is mandatory if you plan on increasing its potency. The best place to store your fragrance is in a cool and dark place, which has left many people wondering if they can store perfumes and colognes in the fridge.

Can You Store Cologne Or Perfume In Your Fridge?

Fridge door opening

Many believe storing their cologne or a perfume bottle in the fridge will make them last longer, which is not necessarily the case. Some experts recommend always storing your fragrance in the wine cooler or fridge to help preserve them.

The biggest enemies of fragrance are heat and light. While low temperature won’t do too much harm, UV rays and high heat will do more damage than good.

UV rays can easily penetrate the glass bottle and interfere with the cologne’s delicate chemical balance. On the other hand, heat can cause evaporation and denaturing of the molecules of fragrance if left unchecked.

The combination of heat and UV rays triggers a rapid breakdown of the perfume’s chemical structure. And within no time, your fragrance will be reduced to a mouthwash. Keeping your fragrance cold will not have the same effect, but keeping it in the fridge for an extended period will not be good either.

Keeping your fragrance in the fridge has several benefits, but it is unclear if its stability can be affected by the cold. But they are sensitive to temperature swings, particularly sunlight and high heat, so you should avoid keeping your cologne in the car or bathroom.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Perfume Or Cologne Sometimes Referred To As Either Eau-De-Parfum (EDP) Or Eau-De-Toilette (EDT)?

Generally, they are all fragrances designed to keep you smelling nice the entire day, but they’re different. The key difference between these two is the fragrance concentration.

Eau-de-parfum (EDP) has a fragrance concentration of between 15 and 20%, while that of eau-de-toilette (EDT) is between 5% and 15%. The EDT lasts about 3 hours, while EDP lasts 5 hours.

Is It Okay For Perfume To Freeze?

Yes, in a way! Freezing perfume or cologne is not that easy as you may have to store them in a place below -80 degrees Celsius. Even if you freeze your fragrance, it will still be in good shape as low temperatures won’t cause any lasting damage to your perfume.

Is It Okay To Leave Cologne In The Car?

As much as it is tempting to keep your cologne in the car, it’s not always a good idea as heat can damage our unique fragrance. The high temperatures in the car can break down the perfume’s structure, leaving you with a product of musty quality.  


These products can rarely freeze thanks to the high concentrations of alcohol, particularly ethanol in cologne and perfume. After all, you may have to store them in a place whose temperature is about -80 degrees Celsius. But exposing your perfume to such low temperatures can have a lasting effect in the end; plus, before the perfume freezes, its bottle would have frozen and cracked.

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