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How Often To Shave Head: Beginners’ Guide To Hair Upkeeping

Last Updated on: April 10, 2024

There are no rules in grooming when personal preference is an overriding factor.


No rule dictates the number of times you should shave your head in a week. However, many guys prefer to do it every two days because that is a practical schedule that works even when they have a busy week. They also grow enough stubble within that time for the shaving tool to pass over without irritating the skin.

In this article, we will discuss how often to shave head hair, head shaving tips, and give you a simple shaving routine.

How Often To Shave Head: Factors To Consider When Choosing Shaving Frequency

When did you last shave your head or beard? 

You probably saw your stubble today and thought about doing away with it. The following should guide your shaving frequency:

The Smoothness Desired

Do you mind if we expound though we touched on it above? Some men prefer to have an ultra-smooth bald head, which means they have to shave twice a week or even daily. Others like a bit of stubble, so they wait several days before cutting it.

Sometimes, the smoothness is part of the overall grooming style. For example, a man with a full beard may prefer to match it with a shaved head; therefore, shave it as often as necessary.

Hair Growth

Hair Growth

On average, we grow about a quarter to half an inch a month, but it varies from one person to the other. Some men go for days without trimming and still look bald, whereas another lot has stubble the second day after shaving. 

In most cases, your beard grows at the same speed as your head hair, so if it grows fast, your head will also need trimming frequently. 

You discover how fast it grows after shaving several times and watching it grow back. 

Scalp Condition

Scalp Condition

Head shaving is irritating on sensitive skin. Additionally, you experience some soreness regardless of how gentle you are as you shave your head. Your aftercare routine can also involve products that worsen the irritation left by the razor or shaver. For these reasons, shaving every day is not an option if your skin is still sensitive 24 hours after you shave your head.

How your head reacts also determines the type of shaving tool to use. Multiple blade razors are the biggest culprits because they make several strokes on the same spot, which irritates your scalp. 

The alternative is straight or safety razors to cut with a single stroke instead of several rounds cutting closer and closer to the skin.

Your Schedule 

The process takes time, whether you shave your head every two days or every few weeks. Despite the speed gained when you build your shaving skills, the back of your head will always take longer to shave. The shaving tool also controls how long you shave because a straight razor takes longer than an electric shaver or cartridge razor. 

Further, a cartridge razor causes more razor bumps or nicks in a close shave, and that is one experience everyone avoids by passing the blade slowly. 

It also takes longer to get the best angle when cutting behind the ears with a straight razor. Plus, building lather for the razor to glide smoothly takes time.

For these reasons, allocating at least an hour of every morning to shaving your head sounds far-fetched when you are busy. 

Does Shaving Your Head Have Any Benefits?

Yes, head shaving has its perks. Here are a few benefits, although our list is not exhaustive:

Easy To Maintain

The morning routine changes when you shave your head, meaning you have more time for other grooming activities.

This change also comes with more affordable upkeep as you will use fewer products when you have a bald head. There are no more pomades, gels, brushes, styling, or barbering fees.

Get Rid Of Dandruff

A head with even a month’s growth is more likely to have product buildup than a bald head. Natural oils mix with conditioners, shampoo, pomades, dead skin cells, and other products, causing white flakes. 

When you shave your head, moisturizing agents reach dead skin directly, thereby treating dandruff. You can also moisturize your skin often to prevent dry skin, unlike when you have hair and are constantly worried about product buildup. 

On top of that, you can wash your head daily to remove oils and product residue without worrying that you have to dry your head with a drier or go to work with wet hair.

Goodbye Bad Hair Days

Look good daily with your head shaved, unlike when you have hair that gives you tiresome mornings. Imagine how it feels for a man attempting to wolf 360s, and the hair looks unkempt. A bald head never has such issues.

Makes Your Beard Stand Out

What do Djimon Hounsou, Terry Crews, Morris Chestnut, and Dwayne Johnson have in common? They look stunning with bald heads and some facial hair. 

Lastly, you better invest your time and resources in something that wants to grow instead of maintaining thin hair that gives you a receding hairline and ages you.

How Long Should You Take When Shaving Your Head?

It is impossible to discuss how often to shave your head without mentioning factors that make daily shaving fast or slow. Let us look at three main factors.

Hair Length

Long hair is more demanding and needs hair clippers rather than a razor. If you are getting a trim rather than shaving all of it off, you will spend less time.

In addition to length, texture affects shaving time because coarse and curly growth causes more razor burn. How? The curls and coils make you shave one area for a long time to reach the root. Also, a blunt razor takes longer to cut such growth, gives you razor burn, and gets clogged with trimmings.

Head Shaving Experience

The first time you do it at home will be the longest, even after spending years watching your barber through the mirror as you get a haircut. With time, you start to do it evenly without missing spots at the back of your head. 

The worst that can happen the first time you cut your hair is giving up in the middle of the job and having to call your barber to book an appointment when running late for work. However, it gets better with practice.

Head Shaving Tool

Head Shaving Tool

A blunt razor takes longer when cutting long growth, which adds to the time you spend on this chore in the morning. An electric shaving tool is faster than traditional razors, whether in the cutting process or the maintenance and cleaning afterward. 

Head Shaving Tips: How To Shave Safely

A good shave is when your DIY cuts and doesn’t irritate. Here’s how to do it.

Supplies Needed

  • A hand mirror
  • A razor with sharp blades
  • Shaving cream
  • Moisturizer
  • A soft towel
  • Clippers

Step 1

Trim with clippers to make it manageable. Longer tresses will take your time, and you may end up with an uneven shave at the back. Additionally, it will use more cream to flatten the surface for the shaver.

Step 2

Wash your head without forgetting to massage your scalp. Use warm water to soften the growth.

Step 3

Apply shaving cream to prepare the surface for the razor to glide on smoothly. It prevents the blade from touching the surface.

Step 4

Shave in gentle strokes starting at the crown, working in the direction hair grows. Rinse the blade when cream accumulates on it and start cutting again.

Step 5

Shave the sides, then work on the back of the head. Check your progress at the back using the hand mirror to get an even shave.

Step 6

Rinse your head using cool water and dry it with a towel. A cold towel is better than a hot towel because it reduces redness after shaving.

Step 7

Apply moisturizer to replenish the skin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you shave your head every day?

If the style you have in mind needs a bald head, then you should shave every day. Earlier on, we mentioned factors that determine how often you do it.

How often do bald guys shave their heads?

It depends on how fast it grows. Some do it daily, while others have a slow growth rate, so they shave every other day. 

Is it OK to shave your head bald?

Yes, there are some benefits when you shave it all, and we discussed such benefits in the section above. For example, a bald head is a solution to a receding hairline. Secondly, going bald saves the time you would spend brushing or combing it in the morning. You can also shave all hair to grow it more evenly. 

The process has some dangers, such as nicking your skin with a sharp razor as you smoothen the surface and having a dry scalp due to overexposure to the sun. 


When you shave your head every two days, your scalp heals from the soreness of using a razor. Additionally, it is the best plan for someone with a busy schedule and little time to shave daily. Aside from these two factors, many other things come to play when choosing a weekly shaving routine. Of course, the most important of these is your personal preference.

Even though your idea of a perfectly shaved head is a bald head, you can weigh your options between cutting too often that you get scalp irritation and trimming it every other day.

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