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Best Cologne For Black Man: 9 Scents To Awaken One’s Senses

Last Updated on: April 11, 2024

Colognes combine sensuality and melancholic warmth in the same way that essential oils in aromatherapy can ease tension. Most of us often search perfume counters, trying new fragrances to find our signature scent.


With such a long list of varying cologne scents, we wonder what could be the best cologne for black man. Maybe you’re uncertain whether an Eau de parfum or an Eau de toilette suits you best or how they differ from one another.

Check out why The Most Wanted Azzaro Intense Cologne for Men is our best overall, and find what cologne meets your needs.

1. The Most Wanted Azzaro Eau de Parfum

Vibrantly Masculine

  • Seductive
  • Ambery & Spicy
  • Long Lasting
  • Just The Right Blend
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2. Kenneth Cole Black Eau de Toilette Spray

Fresh Scent

  • Suitable For Romantice Dates
  • Very Appealing Scent
  • Sexy & Stylish
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3. Gucci Guilty For Men

Light But Long-Lasting

  • Attractive Bottle
  • Ideal For Low-Key Dandy Days
  • Limited Edition
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4. Ralph Lauren Polo Black for Men

Very Seductive

  • Fresh Smelling
  • Elegant Bottle
  • May Not Last Long
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5. Paco Rabanne 1 Million Fragrance


  • Lasts Up To 6 Hrs
  • Gold Bottle
  • Great For Winter
  • Wearable In Spring
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The Best Cologne for Black Man Reviews

1. The Most Wanted Azzaro Eau de Parfum Intense Cologne for Men – Best Overall

Azzaro The Most Wanted Eau de Parfum Intense — Cologne for Men — Fougere, Ambery & Spicy Fragrance, 5.1 Fl Oz

When looking for the best cologne for black men, you will probably notice how every scent represents a distinctive style. Most people of color appreciate how The Most Wanted Azzaro is very presentable with its base notes that include tonka bean and sandalwood. 

Many individuals have The Most Wanted Azzaro Eau de Parfum Intense on their list of the best colognes with its woody notes and spicy fragrance.

The refreshing lemon-herbaceous scent is due to the combination of ginger and mint. The Most Wanted’s scent notes are reminiscent of Eau de Guerlain, which features just the right blend of woody and fruity fragrance.


  • Combines fruity notes and spicy aroma
  • Vibrantly masculine and seductive smell
  • Long-lasting fragrance


  • Quite pricey


Some confuse Azaro Wanted with The Most Wanted Azzaro. Despite the similar fragrance these two colognes have, the latter does not smell like citrus fruits. And unlike other colognes with a warm spicy smell, The Most Wanted from Azzaro exudes fresh notes that are not overwhelming.


2. Kenneth Cole Black Eau de Toilette Spray Cologne for Men – Best Value

Kenneth Cole Black

Kenneth Cole Black Eau de Toilette Spray Cologne for Men stands out in offering you the best value for such a price range. Its top notes include Mandarin orange, ginger, water mint, and basil; cedar and exotic woody scents comprise the middle notes.

Most men refer to this body spray as the best cologne for black men for its fresh scent.

This cologne’s fresh aroma comes as no surprise; the base notes of Kenneth Cole Black include amber, violet leaf, musk, and suede. Aside from being sensual, its masculine scent showcases elegance perfect for date nights and casual wear.


  • Fragrance notes exuding a very masculine smell
  • Middle notes include exotic woods and cedar
  • Suitable for casual wear and romantic date nights


  • Not a long-lasting smell


Many men appreciate the appeal of Kenneth Cole Black with its opening fragrance of Mandarin orange that blends well with the combination of mint and basil. Refreshingly herbaceous but not overwhelming.


3. Gucci Guilty For Men Eau de Toilette Spray – Best For Daytime

Gucci Guilty

Gucci Guilty For Men features top notes of Amalfi lemon and pink pepper that meet its middle notes of neroli, African orange flower, and lavender. Its citrusy scent is ideal for low-key dandy, ordinary days when you don’t need a show-stopper perfume bottle.

Meanwhile, the soft fragrance of patchouli noir combined with rich woody-smoky accord as its base notes can linger on the skin for hours.

It’s nice to know that something so light as Gucci Guilty can be a long-lasting fragrance worth your investment. There’s even a version created for females that is just as good as this cologne.


  • Best for casual daytime use
  • Light but with a long-lasting aroma
  • Attractive perfume bottle


  • Packaging may vary due to its limited edition


The clean yet sharp fragrance of Gucci Guilty For Men Eau de Toilette Spray is best for daytime use. The modern man will undoubtedly love its fresh aroma that feels very uplifting during casual days.


4. Ralph Lauren Polo Black for Men Eau de Toilette Spray – Best For Outdoors

Ralph Lauren Polo Black for Men 2.5 oz Eau de Toilette Spray

The very fresh note of Polo Black by Ralph Lauren with its woody and tropical undertones is why it is famous among black men. These men find it the perfect outdoorsy perfume.

Despite its opening mango scent, most men who want it are due to the base notes of sage and patchouli.

When top and base notes such as these meet, it creates a unique scent, like in the case of Polo Black. Hints of herbal and earthy spice add to its depth, but this EDT spray is never overpowering.


  • Sandalwood and Tonka blend is very seductive
  • Fresh smelling
  • Elegant-looking bottle


  • Only moderate longevity


Ralph Lauren Polo Black for Men Eau de Toilette Spray is a must-try cologne for outdoor adventures, especially during spring and summer. As the finishing notes start to become more noticeable, you will notice how tonka bean and sandalwood can be a very dynamic combination.


5. Paco Rabanne 1 Million Fragrance For Men – Best-Selling Cologne

Paco Rabanne

More and more black men nowadays seem to enjoy the masculine fragrance of Paco Rabanne 1 Million Fragrance For Men. The opening sea notes beautifully blend with middle notes of rose and juniper berries.

Yet, the base notes of tonka bean, leather, and Indian patchouli are potent enough to last even hours after the initial spray.

Some would say that the top notes are similar to the smell of fruity candy, but they only last for ten minutes or so. Nevertheless, the sharp, spicy aroma eventually provides an excellent contrast to its citrus scent.

One would never wonder how quickly this cologne became a best-seller due to its indisputable reputation as a crowd-pleaser. Men and women find its scent captivating.


  • Ensuring longevity of at least four to six hours
  • Impressive gold bottle
  • Best for winter, yet still wearable in spring
  • Prominent warm, sweet, and spicy scents


  • Some men do not prefer the sweet-smelling top notes


Initially, Paco Rabanne 1 Million will give you a very fresh note before it draws you to its seductive base notes. Adults and teenagers love patchouli’s sustainability with its cedar-like odor and spicy undertones.


6. Christian Dior Homme Intense Eau De Parfum Spray for Men – Best For Winter and Fall

Christian Dior Dior Homme Intense Eau de Parfum Spray for Men, 3.4 Ounce

Dior Homme Intense is part of Christian Dior’s 2011 Homme collections and is well-known to black men and fragrance enthusiasts. Its intense fragrance makes Dior Homme Intense a top recommendation for fall and winter wear.

Its opening floral notes include bergamot, lavender, and sage match so well with a warm, woody feeling.

The cologne may lack the longevity of the other fragrances on our list, but it assures sensual confidence that even young professionals love. However, one must not expect the typical scent of natural lavender, as Dior Homme Intense has none of that.

Instead, you can expect a dense floral scent that is slightly sweet and powdery from the top notes. But as the middle and base notes take over, you will notice the distinctive smell similar to a pear and cacao.


  • Powdery scent perfect for winter and fall
  • Suitable to use for romantic date nights and business lunch-outs
  • Standout designer bottle


  • Not long-lasting
  • Some compare the powdery scent with a woman’s makeup


Despite lacking the pronounced fragrance of Paco Rabanne 1 Million, the overall performance of Christian Dior Homme Intense Eau De Parfum Spray for Men is exceptional. It may not be your typical masculine cologne, but you’ll appreciate its versatility, suitable for any gender.


7. Nautica Voyage Eau de Toilette Spray – Best For Spring And Summer

Nautica Voyage

Nautica Voyage features a unique aroma reminiscent of the ocean. It keeps up with reassuring top notes of green apple breaking into middle notes of lotus and mimosa.

If Dior Homme Intense is perfect for winter, Nautica Voyage EDT Spray is an ideal masculine cologne for spring and summer.

Its woody aquatic fragrance is fresh and invigorating, like feeling the ocean breeze on your face. While some men feel like a fruit-forward scent minimizes its masculine appeal, many others find the base notes refreshing.

Most black men appreciate the dry-down scents of Nautica Voyage more than its top and middle notes. Cedarwood, amber, musk, and oakmoss are more pronounced and provide a more sophisticated definition.


  • A crisp profile that is bright and cheery
  • Sleek, attractive bottle with a silver cap
  • Last for four hours after the initial spray
  • Best for spring and summer
  • Suitable for any occasion


  • The scent of green apple seems synthetic


Nautica Voyage Eau de Toilette Spray offers a clean, beachy scent perfect for summer and spring. It comes at a reasonable price that even teenage guys can afford. You can easily use it day and night since you can keep its compact bottle in your pocket.


8. Gentleman by Givenchy – Best For Nighttime Use

Gentleman by Givenchy

Those looking for a well-suited cologne for black men will notice how Gentleman by Givenchy is always a part of the list. Unsurprisingly, Givenchy Gentleman is a magnificent fragrance many black men prefer due to its dark and sensual appeal.

This cologne for black men delivers an alluring and sensual bouquet of musky notes with top notes of cinnamon, rose, and honey.

Its sweet opening notes will eventually meet the spicy middle notes of orris root, jasmine, and cloves. The orris is responsible for Gentleman’s powdery aroma, ending with the base notes of black vanilla husk and patchouli.

The aroma of cinnamon eventually dissipates, as well as the resonating fragrance of patchouli, to give way to the base notes. The patchouli, with its earthy appeal, can be a potent fragrance. 

Therefore, even as the patchouli scent starts to fade, it seems to leave a hint like a distant scent. Such a powerful fragrance like Givenchy Gentleman makes it well-suited for nighttime use, although you may also wear it for formal events and the office.


  • A fantastic perfume for evening occasions
  • Smells alluring and sophisticated
  • An excellent gift for the modern man


  • Not suitable to wear during frigid months


Givenchy Gentleman is a dark, sweet cologne for black men. It is far from the classic fragrance distinctive of Givenchy collections. Some find this scent a darker version of Dior Homme Intense and one that is rich in sophistication.


9. Versace Eros For Men Eau de Toilette Spray – Best Budget-Friendly

Versace Eros For Men

Active users of Versace Eros For Men Eau de Toilette Spray commonly describe it as a fresh, woody, and slightly oriental scent. Despite some who seemingly prefer Versace Eros Flame as an improved version, most men still go for the universal appeal of the original Versace Eros.

The scent of mint and lemon will immediately catch your attention upon the initial spray. From such refreshing aromas, Eros will start developing into a unique smell of geranium and the finishing touches of greenish and woody notes.

The refreshing burst of fruit-forward notes shifts to the powdery muskiness of Ambroxan moments after the initial application. Ambroxan, or metallic amber, is part of the middle notes and has a brilliantly imaginative and very pronounced scent. 

Eventually, the fragrance settles with vetiver, Madagascan vanilla, and cedar notes. However, during the dry-down period, the aroma of vanilla takes center stage in dense doses.

Despite the powerful combination of the base notes, one would notice that it lacks a woody scent. Instead, a sweet and cocky smell resembling bubblegum is what captivates the users during dry-down.

We also find this scent, Versace Eros, as the most budget-friendly cologne for the black man! You could purchase the smallest bottle for around USD$42.00.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Unique masculine appeal
  • Base notes are long-lasting
  • Elegant bottle designed by Donatella Versace
  • The cap has a golden top with Medusa’s head


  • Not suitable for highly frigid weather


Perfume lovers appreciate how Versace Eros For Men Eau de Toilette Spray introduces them to the different fragrance families. While the top and heart notes are short-lived, the base notes have enduring longevity.


Things To Consider When Looking For A Good Cologne

Many terminologies used to describe scent blends confuse men who barely started using colognes. Most people are unaware that most of these languages are only part of brand marketing.

However, here are a few things you must consider when choosing the best cologne:

Skin Type

An attractive fragrance leaves a long-lasting scent, but you should also consider your skin type when choosing one. The fresh fragrance of citrus fruits is best for men with oily skin, as they balance the natural body odor

On the other hand, even if you have a good-smelling perfume, some scents don’t last on dry skin. While some think an increased application will do the trick, choosing denser fragrances is even more effective. Tobacco and musk undertones are best for this skin type.


Do you strongly prefer spicy meals? Do you smoke or drink liquor often? Consider your lifestyle as part of your hunt for the best colognes. With the wrong choice of cologne, what you ingest could leave you smelling utterly different from what you expect.

Cologne Composition

The potency of your cologne and its capacity to last longer depends on the amount of essential oil your cologne has. The smell lasts longer with higher oil content, but you cannot use as much of it in a single application.

Generally, colognes contain more oils than Eau de toilette blends; these blends differ from concentrated EDTs, which are more potent.

Colognes suit you well if you want a long-lasting scent for your entire date night. Eau de toilette blends are excellent options if you prefer a subtle scent or merely for freshening up.

However, in the most concentrated forms and not the blend type of perfumes, Eau de cologne has a lower fragrance concentration. Comparatively, an Eau de toilette is more potent, but it’s more affordable than an Eau de parfum.

Understanding Personal Preferences

There are no hard-and-fast rules when picking a scent. Your signature scent depends on what smells good for you and blends well with your skin type. Despite wearing the same cologne, you can smell differently from another person due to the varying skin types.

Don’t hesitate to test fragrances when looking for a cologne to purchase in department stores. You may also try spritzing the cologne on scent cards. Some would even sniff on some coffee beans before smelling another scent card to neutralize distinctive odors.

Even with this trick, try not to test too many colognes at once. Take a few breaks in between, and once the aroma dissipates, it will begin to settle as a nice-smelling scent. 

Check out the video below for some tips:

Watch This!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does one choose the right cologne for the occasion?

Like shoes and wardrobes, there are various scents suitable for different occasions. Nowadays, a man’s top shelf, especially for fragrance lovers, consists of multiple colognes for night and daytime wear, casual day-to-day use, and formal occasions.

Wearing cologne with citrus and floral notes is best for daytime — if it’s warmer outside, then an Eau de parfum can be overpowering. Likewise, scents with sexy, spicy notes are head turners on a date night. The best cologne depends on the event and must leave you confident.

How do you apply cologne properly?

The best way to apply cologne is a few spritzes behind your ears, your neck’s glandular points, and your inner wrists. Likewise, you may spray some below your belly button or the back of your knees. These body parts can make an aromatic scent last longer.

It’s best to apply the cologne directly on your skin; spray an ample amount, but don’t rub it in. Let it sit on your skin naturally until it blends with the natural oils of your body. Some would even try their colognes over body moisturizers, such as lotions and oils, to create a better surface.

What cologne scent to wear at night?

A soft and sensual fragrance is best for night use, contrary to the vibrant colognes that help you feel more energized during the daytime. The best colognes to use at night must be more potent — these are highly-concentrated fragrances that create an intense aroma.

Eau de parfum fragrances are the best colognes for nighttime wear; a spicy, sensual fragrance will undoubtedly stand out on a romantic dinner. Scents like Gentleman by Givenchy are one of our top recommendations for bringing out your passionate and seductive side.


Smell triggers the most memories out of all our senses. Fragrances have a distinct mystery, but many seem to exaggerate their use nowadays. 

Men’s colognes aren’t garments, but they are undeniably a part of most wardrobes and, as such, deserve detailed attention, especially when choosing the right one.

In summary, The Most Wanted Azzaro Eau de Parfum is our best overall for its versatility and long-lasting fragrance. On the other hand, we find the woody scent of Kenneth Cole Black Eau de Toilette Spray as the best value cologne in our selection.

Hopefully, you find our review of the best colognes handy for choosing what is well-suited for your needs and preferences.

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