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Best Clippers For Fades: Top 7 Picks For The Millennial Men

Last Updated on: June 10, 2024

It’s safe to say the fade haircut has taken over men’s fashion in this century – even some ladies rock it perfectly too. 

Despite its popularity and seemingly straightforward process, it’s a challenging style to perfect. First, your barber must be on top of his game to consistently “kill” the cut. But it’s even more challenging if you’re cutting your own hair. 

So, to avoid uneven sides and other embarrassing mishaps, using the best fade clippers would make a huge difference. Imagine it this way: technique makes up for 70% of a fade haircut – hair clippers do the remaining 30%.

The Andis Master Clipper is our top choice for cutting fades.     

1. Andis Master Cordless

Premium Features

  • Top-Tier Clipper
  • Aluminum Housing
  • Long Battery Life
  • Lightweight
  • Carbon Steel Blade
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Titanium Blades

  • Precision Cutting
  • Aluminum Casing
  • Zero Maintenance
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3. Wahl 5-Star Senior


  • Fast Operation
  • Easy To Handle
  • With Accessories
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4. Wahl Magic Clip

Budget Friendly

  • Decent Power
  • Lightweight
  • Requires Maintenance
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5. Remington Shortcut Pro

Dual Mode

  • Multi-Purpose
  • W/ Guide Combs
  • Weak Battery Life
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Top 7 Best Clippers for Fades

I’ve compiled this list so that you’d find a suitable option whether you’re searching for a high-end or low-budget clipper. Of course, they’re all the best in their respective classes, so you won’t end up with an inferior quality hair clipper or an overpriced one. 

Finally, we chose them using four criteria that make them worthy of the best fade clippers money can buy. They are:

  1. Price
  2. Weight
  3. Handling
  4. Performance 

1. Andis Master Cordless – Overall Best Clippers for Fades

Andis 12470 Professional Master Cordless Lithium Ion Adjustable Blade Hair Clipper, Silver

The Andis Master is a top-tier versatile clipper that’s not only one of the best clippers for fades but also for other categories. That’s why it’s sitting pretty as our #1 product for this review. 

First, it sports a striking aluminum casing that’s durable enough to withstand scratches and falls. And its classic body design fits well in the palms for a good grip while blending and outlining.

Additionally, the power of the Andis Master Cordless is sublime, delivering 7200 cutting SPM with an efficient pivot motor. 

It handles curly, coarse, or thick hair without drag or stalling, which means you can fade any hair type. Also, the blade adjusts between 1 and 000 (zero gapping), making it a good choice for balding, line-ups, and outlining. However, you’ll have to buy guide combs to make it a proper fade hair clipper.  

But when it comes to ergonomics and convenience, the Andis Master is revered. It’s cordless, weighs less than a pound, charges fast, handles great, and has a LED battery indicator. The latter saves you the anxiety of worrying about the battery dying mid-operation. 

Speaking of batteries, Andis Master hair clippers last about 2 hours. That’s enough run time for two or three fade haircuts. And charging takes only an hour.  

Overall, it’s no surprise the Andis Master has been one of the most highly-sought after barber clippers for years despite its hefty price tag. 


  • Sturdy aluminum housing 
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Lightweight  
  • Premium carbon steel blade stays sharp longer than most clippers


  • Quality control issues – some users found hair in it
  • Weaker than the corded version 
  • Noisy


The Andis Master cordless is easily one of the best professional clippers for fade haircuts. Its only real weakness is it’s noisy, and if that’s a deal-breaker for you, its corded version is quieter and cheaper.  


2. BaBylissPRO GOLDFX – Best for Handling 

BaBylissPRO Barberology MetalFX Series - Outlining Trimmer, Gold

The motto of BaBylissPRO is “power, luxury, performance.” That’s exactly what you’ll enjoy when you use their Pro GOLDFX as fade clippers. 

What stands out immediately is the luxury feature. The PRO GOLD has a visually-stunning gold casing and a cylindrical body design that exudes luxury and functionality.

So much that because of its casing, we selected it as the best fade hair clippers for handling and convenience. Their metal casing has knurlings that grip like what you’re holding a barbell. And a discreet hook that lets you hang it in storage while showing off its golden splendor. 

Also, Pro Gold hair clippers have a T-shaped blade that allows you to fade with higher precision and attention to detail. 

Their T blade is also titanium – arguably the best clipper blade after ceramic – which requires little to no maintenance. You’ll never have to oil or sharpen the clippers. Just clean them, and you’re fine. 

With a powerful Italian-designed rotor motor that cuts at 7200 RPM, they’re particularly good with thick hair. Ultimately, they cut through black, caucasian, or Asian hair like a hot knife through butter. 

Furthermore, they are good fade clippers with their zero gap functionality which gives you maximum adjustment. Although you have to get guide combs, you can achieve bald fades, buzz cuts, and shadow fades, among other fade hairstyles. 

BaBylissPRO GOLDFX cordless clippers have a strong battery life that lasts around 2 hours. That’s enough juice to last you for weeks – it cuts pretty fast – if you cut your own hair. And, unlike the Andis Master, you can also use them while charging. 

As you can see, these fading clippers truly embody luxury, power, and performance. 


  • Durable aluminum casing
  • Grippy barbell knurling design 
  • Zero maintenance titanium blades
  • The T-blade design facilitates precision cutting and edge ups
  • Luxurious look and feel 


  • Doesn’t come with guide combs


BaBylissPRO GOLDFX is your go-to clippers for fades if you value handling and lasting blades. 


3. Wahl 5-Star Senior – Best Clippers for Fades Only 

Wahl Professional 5 Star Series Cordless Senior Clipper with Adjustable Blade, Lithium Ion Battery, 70 Minute Run Time - for Professional Barbers and Stylists - Model 8504-400

If you’re looking for dedicated fade clippers, the Wahl 5-Star Senior possesses all the features for one. 

A standout feature that makes them our best clippers for fades is their portability – they’re less than seven inches in length. 

That’s ridiculously portable for a standard clipper, not to mention one that’s this powerful. 

They are precisely 6.25 inches long – over 3 inches shorter than the Andis Master and BaBylissPRO fade clippers to get the picture. This gives you superior handling while blending, shaping up, and providing comfort to carve a perfect fade haircut. 

While Wahl 5-Star Senior Clippers use a bare stainless blade, their rotary motor is durable and powerful. And they sure can survive extended use even as barber clippers. Besides, they are made for professional use. 

However, these clippers only last for 70 minutes. While that’s enough run time for personal haircuts, it’s not ideal for actual professional use. You’ll have to charge more often than practical if you run a busy barbershop. 

On the bright side, of all our premium fade clippers, only the Wahl 5-Star Senior comes with accessories. Aside from the charger, the package contains 3 guide combs, a cleaning brush, and oil. 

Quality control is one issue you may likely deal with, as with any other clipper. Customers return used products for some reason, and brands send them to new users. That’s just how things work.


  • Fast operation
  • Durable build
  • Easy to handle
  • Includes accessories
  • Designed for professional use 


  • Too expensive to come with stainless steel blades
  • May struggle with thick hair


The Wahl 5-Star Senior Clippers are perfect as standalone fade hair clippers. But if you also want to perform bulk hair removal, among other haircuts, they might not be the perfect fit.


4. Wahl Magic Clip – Best Budget Clippers for Fades

Wahl Professional - 5-Star Cord/Cordless Magic Clip #8148-90+ Minute Run Time, Red, 15 Piece Set

Say you love the 5-Star Senior but prefer cheaper Wahl clippers for fades. Then, the Wahl Magic Clip should be your top contender. 

It’s not the most affordable, but it packs a lot of value for its price and is ultimately cheaper than the 5-Star Senior. 

Despite that, the Magic Clip package has all you need for a fade haircut, with even more accessories than the 5-Star Senior. It contains a cleaning brush, oil, and 8 attachment comb cutting guides for blending short to long hair. 

Also, in terms of performance, the Wahl Magic Clip is excellent and almost on par with the 5-Star Senior. 

With a corded operation and electromagnetic motor, it cuts any texture of hair like a hot knife through butter. So it won’t struggle with bulk hair removal or coarse hair. 

Although it has a durable 8-foot cord, it’s relatively easy to handle. The clipper is only 6.5 inches long and weighs 10 ounces for convenience, which delay arm fatigue when you’re holding it for long. 

While it’s capable of professional use, they’re more suitable as an entry-level fade hair clipper for someone upgrading from random barber clippers. And it’s easily a top 10 Wahl clipper. 


  • Budget-friendly  
  • Portable and lightweight for a cable clipper
  • Decent power 
  • Practical for self-cutting use 


  • Requires careful maintenance 


If you’re looking for affordable professional hair clippers for fade only, then the Wahl Magic Clip is one. They are value-packed, functional, and can withstand heavy daily use. 


5. Remington Shortcut Pro – Best Clippers for DIY Fades 

Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit, Beard Trimmer, Hair Clippers for Men (13 pieces)

Say you don’t particularly fancy stylish haircuts or usually groom your hair and beard in the bathroom. You’ll prefer hair clippers that are washable, portable, and capable of cutting both head and body hair. But also short and long hair length. 

The Remington Shortcut Pro offers these features at a highly competitive price.  

This cordless hair clipper has a curved blade that’s more than 50 percent longer than professional hair clippers. 

Combined with a small size that cups in the palm, you can cut faster and more comfortably than most standard clippers for fades.

But you’ll be right to think your cuts will be rough and uneven using a “beard trimmer” without guards. But Remington Shortcut Pro clippers come packed with 9 cutting guard combs that offer decent precision. These fading clippers also come with a cleaning brush and storage pouch. 

The only issue is a full charge only lasts for 40 minutes or less. And although it works while charging, that won’t be the most convenient way to fade your hair. 

Aside from that, the Shortcut Pro is an exciting mix of fading clippers and beard trimmers. You can easily rinse off the blades in water if it’s stuck with hair gunk or for after-use cleaning. 


  • Corded and cordless operation 
  • Multi-purpose use
  • Good value for the money
  • High range of guide combs for precision blending  


  • Weak battery life 


While its performance is slightly subpar to the best clippers for fades, the Remington Shortcut Pro has its specialty. It’s an affordable and efficient hair clipper if you want to shave and cut simple fades by yourself without stress. 


6. Wahl Elite Pro – Best Budget Clippers for Fades With Accessories 

Wahl Clipper Elite Pro High-Performance Home Haircut & Grooming Kit for Men – Electric Hair Clipper – Model 79602

Wahl Elite Pro clippers appeal to men who aren’t fans of all the performance hype and want the most they can get for less. 

Of all the best barber clippers we’ve reviewed, the Elite Pro’s package contains the highest number of attachments. It’s a 22-piece haircutting kit – including the clippers – containing combs, scissors, a cleaning brush, and 12 cutting guides for blending any hair length with ease.

And they carry the badge of authenticity you’ll expect from Wahl clippers. 

If you aren’t in sync, Wahl clippers have served professionals for over a century, and the Wahl Elite Pro is no different. While they’re seemingly closer to the bottom shelf, they don’t fall far off from any of our reviewed best hair clippers.

The Elite Pro Clippers use self-sharpening stainless blades that won’t warp or damage easily. However, stainless steel blades still require regular oiling to keep them in good condition. Still, these Wahl clippers will cut a crisp fade on any length, whether curly, straight, or coarse. 

More importantly, the taper lever with adjustment settings for blending and fading, just like any of the best hair clippers. 


  • Pocket-friendly 
  • Plenty of accessories, including a hard case
  • Good for beginners and experts on a budget


  • Stainless steel blades require regular maintenance


The Wahl Elite Pro is the best hair clipper for anyone on a budget who wants necessary accessories and more included in the deal.  


7. Andis Envy – Best Budget Cordless Clippers for Fades

Andis 73000 Envy Cordless Lithium Ion Adjustable Blade Clipper, Grey, 15 Piece Set

Andis, just like Wahl, has consistently produced some of the best hair clippers on the market. 

For example, while their Andis Envy Clippers are our best budget cordless clippers for fades, they’re still among the best hair clippers you can get. Why? They incorporate all the features of high-end cordless clippers like the Andis Master or Wahl Senior

For one, these clippers are made with metal for seeming generational use. And the housing isn’t to make up for a hollow interior. 

Andis Envy clippers use a rotary motor that delivers an astonishing 5500 SPM cutting speed. Although this is not as powerful as most professional hair clippers, it’s adequate for fade haircuts. 

What’s more, they have a battery run time of more than 2 hours, which is just as efficient – even more than – the best hair clippers for fades. Most importantly, the guard adjusts from 000-1, meaning it can be zero-gapped for buzz cuts and high-top fade haircuts. 

Even better, Andis Envy Clippers come with cutting guides for precision blending. And so lightweight that it almost feels weightless in hand. It weighs only 9.9 which is astounding compared to the Andis Master – our top pick for the best fade hair clipper. 


  • Affordable
  • One of the lightest clippers for fades 
  • Exceptional battery life and also supports corded operation
  • Multiple cutting combs for blending included 


  • May struggle with thick or coarse black hair


The Andis Envy is an ideal option for anyone looking for a badass cordless hair clipper below hundred bucks. Its only gripe is the possibility of struggling with extra thick hair.


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Things to Consider When Shopping for The Best Hair Clippers for Fades

Male customer receiving a trim from barber

Getting a perfect fade haircut could be the small detail that takes your fashion to the next level. Despite being such a popular haircut, most people’s fades are mediocre. 

That’s right. And it’s not entirely your barber’s fault. As I said in the introduction, clippers make up a hypothetical 20% of how crisp and clean your haircut looks. 

So I pulled out all the stops to give you a detailed buying guide. That way, you can select reasonable fade clippers regardless of your budget or barbing expertise: 

1. Handling 

Ease of handling plays a crucial role in a dapper fade haircut. Imagine cutting your hair yourself and using a corded hair clipper. It may not affect everybody, but the clipper’s cable will get in the way, especially while you’re blending. In this case, you can achieve better results if you’ll have a stylist or relative cut your hair. 

Another handling factor for fade hair clippers is their weight. 

Remember — fades don’t cut themselves, but you do, so consider the duration of your haircuts before choosing either a lightweight or heavy-duty clipper. 

A lightweight model lets you take time on your haircut without weary hands. 

2. Price

The rule that more expensive means better isn’t always true, especially when you’re looking for the best fade hair clippers. 

You can find perfectly good models for less than fifty bucks and struggle with a $200 clipper for your fade. 

3. Corded or Cordless

You must decide between using a cordless or corded clipper, or your search might be hectic. 

In our opinion, cordless clippers guarantee maximum convenience without hassling with a cable while blending. But you must factor in their battery run time – most models last between 1-2 hours – and are more expensive. 

However, corded clippers usually offer more cutting power than even higher-priced cordless models. There’s no need to recharge, and you save more. All you have to deal with is the cable getting in the way. 

Ultimately, it boils down to you choosing between affordability and convenience.  

4. Maintenance 

You should consider maintenance routines the same way we’d select life partners. Except choosing the right clippers won’t save you from heartbreaks but will keep you from going through many clippers in a short time. 

If you know you can’t keep a habit of cleaning, oiling, and self-sharpening clipper blades, you’d be right to splurge on more expensive models. High-end models usually have titanium or ceramic blades that require zero maintenance. 

How To Clean Corded Or Cordless Taper Clippers

Barber cleaning clipper with an aerosol solution

Cleaning a corded taper or cordless clipper is an essential routine you should carry out before and after each use. When you leave your clippers dirty, they will develop mechanical faults and risk bacterial, viral, and fungal infections like staph, bumps, or ringworm. 

It’ll take you less than 2 minutes to clean your fade clippers with these simple steps:

1. Brush off the blade area with an old toothbrush or hairbrush. It removes gunk so that it’s easy for you to perform the next step. 

2. This step is important if your clipper has hard-to-reach crevices. Use a pipe cleaner to clean the tiny holes where hair gets stuck. They are easy to use and dirt cheap. 

3. Spray clippercide on the blades while the clipper is running. The solution disinfects them by killing off bacteria or viruses that would lead to an infection. If you’re new to this, I’ll go ahead and recommend Barbicide – they’ve been around forever. You can also try DIY solutions that’ll cost you little to nothing. 

Clippercide 72130 Aerosol Spray, 15 Ounce (Pack of 1)


Watch This!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I Do A Fade With Any Clipper?

Absolutely yes! You can fade with any clipper; however, using certain models makes the process much easier. 

What Clippers Do Barbers Use For Fade?

Barbers use almost any heavy-duty clippers, guides, and/or a cutthroat razor/t- liner clipper for fades. However, top barbers use the best fade clippers such as Andis Fade, Andis Master Cordless, Wahl 5-Star Senior, and BaBylissPRO GoldFX.  

What Clipper Guard Size Do You Use For A Fade? 

You can use any clipper guard size as long you can handle it. However, guard comb #3 works perfectly for fades because it can cut the sides long without making errors. Size #2 to #1 guard combs give fade cuts closer to the skin.        


By now, you should have a clear picture of a fade clipper you desire in mind. And hopefully, you have your eyes set on a specific model to snag. But remember, the clippers only do a quarter of the job. The best ones will help you blend faster and line up into a superb fade. The ultimate instrument remains your ability to cut hair. 

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