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Wave Check: What Does It Mean? We Explain In Simple Terms!

Last Updated on: June 8, 2024

Heard about the trending “wave check” videos that are currently taking over the internet?


If you have, you probably have a bunch of questions regarding why some teenagers are so hyped up about it. I’ll talk about the trend and answer all of your questions if you’ll promise to stay until the end of it.

Sounds like a fair trade? Let’s get started then.

The Waves Hairstyle

So, what is a wave check? The trend is about asking someone to reveal the waves hairstyle underneath their durags, but there’s so much more to it than that.

First things first, let’s talk about the hairstyle before we discuss the trend.

What Is The Waves Hairstyle?

The “waves” is a male hairstyle that has gained popularity over the years. 

It greatly contrasts the common male hairstyles nowadays, it has a ripple-like wavy appearance and texture

Wave Hairstyle
Wave Hairstyle

Where Did Waves Come From?

This hairstyle originated from the African-American people.

They usually have volumized and curly hair that requires frequent styling. 

Due to the texture-altering products that they make use of such as pomades and their durags that compress and preserve moisture, their hair formed a wavy pattern which later became the waves hairstyle.

How Are Waves Achieved?

Waves can be achieved by cutting your hair short, similar to a buzzcut but more even and not so close to the scalp. From this, you will have to brush your hair frequently, wash it less, and wear a durag or a wave cap almost all the time. 

Some people also make use of specialized products like shampoo, conditioner, pomades, moisturizers, and sprays that help with the process. 

It takes a lot of patience and effort but this hairstyle has constantly proven itself to be worth the struggle.

Fun Fact: If you want to get into the waves hairdo, then start by learning how to get waves in your hair first! Seek a professional hairstylist for that personalized touch on your mane.

What The Wave Check Trend Is

Is Wave Check A Fad?

So, what does wave check mean?

It’s pretty much a trend among teenagers and adults nowadays that has taken over the internet.

Whenever they see someone wearing a durag or a wave cap, they immediately approach this person in a friendly but excited manner while chanting wave check meaning they want this person to take off their durag.

The person will then remove their durag or wave cap and reveal whether they have the waves hairstyle underneath or not. This is where the thrill of the trend comes from.

Since durags are used as both an accessory and a beauty tool, not everyone who uses them has waves in their hair!

Why Do People Do Wave Checks?

There’s not much to it aside from knowing whether the person uses their durag to maintain and protect their waves or for fashion purposes.

Durag for fashion - Rihanna
Durag For Fashion

As I mentioned earlier, the waves hairstyle is very complex and tedious. You can’t just drop by a salon and come out with waves. It takes days and lots of patience.

This is probably why many people partake in this trend. It is a chance to show off your efforts in forming the hairstyle. It can also be someone’s way of supporting you through your waves hairstyle journey as they check your progress.

Durags play an important role in the history of African-American people.

So this trend is also a way of sharing their culture with the public since waves can’t be achieved without it. 

Fun Fact: Want to know the answer to “how do durags make waves?” Just click on the link! 😉

Is The Trend Exclusive To African-American People?

No, not really. 

Partaking in this trend isn’t a form of cultural appropriation, especially since it is a wholesome activity that may even bring positivity to others. Just always make sure that before uploading the video you took for this trend, you have the permission of the people in it. 

Aside from that, always remember that people are allowed to say no. If they don’t feel comfortable removing their durags due to personal reasons, then that’s perfectly fine! 

Watch This!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is “wave check” some sort of a challenge or competition?

No, not exclusively but it can be! Since the waves are a challenging hairstyle, some people make it a competition to see who has achieved the hairstyle best. Some people may do the trend on themselves and upload it on social media where other people can see their progress. 

In other circumstances, people may also make friendly bets on whether someone they’re about to “wave check” has waves underneath their durags or not.

Can non-African-American people have 360 Waves?

Yes, they can! No need to worry about that. Although this hairstyle is more prominent among African-American people, anyone can give it a try! No matter what race you are off, you can always have the waves hairstyle.

This, of course, does not take away the fact that our race has an influence on our hair types and textures which also determine whether waves are achievable or not. I believe that with enough patience and perseverance, anyone can achieve this trendy hairstyle. 

Fun Fact: You can level up your waves if you understand how to do the 360 waves wolfing method!

How do people get Waves on their hair?

There are a series of steps you can take in order to achieve the wave hairstyle. You should start with addressing any hair issues that you currently have like dandruff or dry scalp

The next step is of course to get a haircut. The longer the length of your hair is, the harder it will be to achieve waves, but don’t cut your hair too short! From here you can use specialized products to help you on your journey. Moisturizing and brushing your hair frequently is crucial. You should never forget about these. 

And lastly, always wear a durag to protect your hair from external elements and keep your progress in place. 


Now that you have the answers to questions such as “what is a wave check?” and “what does wave check mean”, it’s time to be a part of it!

You can either do the trend with your friends or go on social media and appreciate the posts about it, either way, this trend will surely provide you with some good vibes! 😀

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