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Mousse vs Gel: Women’s Hair Styling Products Face-Off

Last Updated on: June 10, 2024

One important physical aspect of the human body is said to be the change that occurs within its hair. The parts of individual grooming that can be maintained include hair cutting and styling.


Hairstyling is greatly influenced by a person’s perspective. Everybody has a different face shape and size; thus, the hairstyle should match to enhance one’s individuality.

Hair may be trimmed and styled in a variety of ways. Mousse and gel are two of the commonly used hair styling products.

Let’s go deeper into these two products and figure out which is best for you, shall we?

Main Difference Between Mousse Vs Gel

Woman studying touching hair.

The main difference between mousse vs gel are:

  • The gel is used to give the hair a firm grip, whereas hair mousse is used to give the hair more volume and shine.
  • Hair gel is sticky, whereas the mousse is foamy.
  • The gel provides a firm, long-lasting hold, whereas the hair mousse cannot keep the hair in place for an extended period.
  • Hair gel comes in a plastic tube or jar, whereas hair mousse is packaged in an aerosol can.
  • The gel is only ideal for short hair, whereas the mousse works with all hair lengths.

Definition And Comparison Of Mousse Vs Hair Gel

Woman applying hair treatment via sprayer.

The fundamental distinction between mousse vs gel is the way they hold the hair in place.

The gel provides a firm hold on hair that lasts for long periods of time. On the other hand, mousse has a clump-free hold that provides volume to the hair.

Mousse By Definition

Squeezing mousse on hand.

Hair mousse is a foam used in a hairstyle that is created by combining alcohol or other similar substances with water that also includes active chemicals. 

It is in an aerosol spraying can and has a frothy feel. The mousse’s fundamental components are blended with a few chemicals, oils, and polymers to give the hair a smooth texture.

The hydrating properties of oils make hair seem shinier. Polymers adhere to the hair strands and create volume.

These frizz-controlling smoothing ingredients help hold the hair in place and function as frizz control. To give the hair a scent or color, several chemicals are also added to the mousse.

Unquestionably, mousse is a flexible hairstyle tool that works with all hair lengths.

It gives the hair a gentle grip and aids in controlling frizz. For people who are always concerned about hair loss and fall, its increased volume function serves as the icing on the cake. 

Additionally, it imparts a lovely gloss, fragrance, or color to the hair (in case a coloring mousse is used). It works nicely with fine hair, wavy hair, curly hair, or even permed hair.

Even with a long list of positive attributes, not everyone may find it useful. People with short hair cannot benefit from the mousse’s gentle grip. 

It is impossible to retain the hair for an extended period. It can only provide the hair with a volumizing look.

Gel By Definition

Pouring gel on fingers.

Water is the primary element of hair gel, a substance used to style hair. 

As a result of the chemicals being spread in a colloidal liquid state, the gel has a jelly-like consistency. It has a sticky texture.

The polymers in the hair gel assist in preserving curl or holding the hair in place by creating a film. Emulsifiers are also present for the ingredients that are water insoluble.

Along with certain preservatives and aroma, compounds that thicken hair, such as carbomer, are included. 

To provide the hair with a slight bit of hydration, luster, and UV protection, several additives are employed.

Gel has the special ability to give the hair an extremely strong, long-lasting grip, and fluffy curls. 

Hair stays in its place for a very long period when the necessary amount of product is applied since it is so effective at accomplishing this. 

Different gels are available to provide mild, medium, or strong grip. A stronghold causes the hair to become rigid, whereas a light hold reduces frizz.

The gel also gives the hair a very tiny sheen.

Hair gel only works with specific hair types and styles. Hair feels stiff as it hardens after application. 

When combed through hair after drying, it can also leave behind white flakes of residue.

The gel is only ideal for short hair, it grips it well, and Long hair does not complement it nicely. It can only give short hairs a great grip. 

However, it causes long hair to seem rigid and clumped up.

Comparison Table

Two vessels
Parameter of ComparisonMousseGel
TextureFoam-like textureJelly-like texture, sticky
HoldClump-free hold, not long-lastingEither soft hold or stiff hold
ResultExtra voluminous hair with a shineStrong-hold hair
PackagingComes in an aerosol spraying canComes in a plastic jar or cube
Hair TypeBest for long and short hairSuits short hair only

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to use mousse or gel?

Gel offers more excellent grip and less frizzy curls while mousse has softer qualities and more volume. Applying mousse or gel to your curly hair won’t do anything, though. On the other hand, both gel and mousse work excellently on either wet or dry hair!

Is gel or mousse better to hold curls?

Hair gels are the most effective for curly definition and long-lasting hold when it comes to styling products for curly hair. The gel keeps moisture in place by adhering to hair strands. To give a gel its Frizzle-Fighting Power, it closes the cuticle.

Can I use both gel and mousse?

Utilizing foam gel mousse methods is another method for making mousse. Apply the foam first, then the gel, if your hair is moist. There is no need for two distinct mousses.


A new haircut, hair color, and hairdo may all significantly improve one’s image. Hairstyling is a form of art. Two styling hair tools are mousse and gel. They are designed to provide hair with particular and appealing effects. What counts is how you use them on your wet hair or damp hair or dry hair—appropriately and wisely.

We wish you luck, and we hope we helped you choose the best hair styling product!

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