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How To Shave Your Balls: Manscaping Pro Tips Your Pubes Need

Last Updated on: February 9, 2024

Manscaping is a significant part of men’s grooming. When you were younger, you probably asked your parents to teach you how to shave your mustache.

As you grow older, you may find interest in shaving other parts of your body, like your pubic hair and balls.


It would definitely be awkward to ask for your parents’ help on that!

So, we’re here to teach you how to shave your balls in the comfort of your own privacy. This process can go wrong (or rather, painful) in many ways, so we advise that you carefully follow along. Let’s get started.

The Right Tools


Classic razor (old school)

Ball hair is usually sparse and fine compared to your beard, armpits, or pubic hair. Therefore, it’s better to shave your balls safely than efficiently.

With this, avoid using cartridge razors. They have too many blades that can get stuck to your delicate scrotum. For the same reason, we discourage using scissors too.

The lowest-risk option is to use an electric trimmer and a safety razor – remember the keyword “safety.”

An electric trimmer will give a close shave without breaking the skin surface. This will get you a smooth sack, but you need to use a safety razor to make your balls even smoother.

Using safety razors minimizes skin irritation because they only have one blade, compared to the 3-5 blades of cartridge razors.

Since you’re dealing with sensitive skin, it’s best to get used to these tools first by practicing on your facial hair or other parts of your body.

Shaving Product

Shaving Product and Accessories

You would also need a product that will soften coarse body hair and allow your razor to glide over your balls smoothly.

Shaving cream usually comes to mind first. You can use facial shaving cream so long as it contains gentle ingredients.

However, we recommend using pre-shave oil or shave butter instead, as these typically have a clear lather. When shaving your balls, you want to see and track your progress.

It’s best to use unscented products with natural ingredients, like aloe vera. However, we recommend avoiding ingredients like menthol, eucalyptus, or alcohol, as these will result in a burning sensation.

Aftercare Product

After-shave Lotion

Apart from learning how to shave your balls, you also need to take care of the skin afterward. Aftercare products prevent irritation, razor bumps, and bacteria build-up on the skin.

You usually want to look for an aftershave balm, but other moisturizers like body lotion can also be used.

If you have issues with moisture, you can use body powder instead, as seen below.

Body Powder

Again, we recommend unscented products with soothing ingredients like aloe vera while avoiding those with menthol, eucalyptus, or alcohol.

The Shaving Process

For obvious reasons, you can’t just go ham on your balls immediately. It’s best to follow this process carefully to achieve your desired goal without hurting yourself.

Trim Your Hair

The first course of action is using a trimmer to reduce hair length. Trimming makes your balls more manageable to shave, especially if you have long hair.

This is also why you can’t immediately use a razor if you have a long beard. You certainly don’t want the discomfort of full-length hairs snagging a razor.

Here are the steps to take when trimming your hair:

  1. You can do some stretching first to be more flexible. You’re probably going to do some bending to see all the crevices of your balls, so you want to reduce any neck or back pain.
  2. Get into a comfortable position by either sitting down or standing up with one leg on a sturdy surface, like a stool or the edge of your bathtub. What’s important is that you can see what you’re working with.
  3. Using one hand, gently pull your skin taut as opposed to loose and shriveled. Letting your balls hang loose makes the process more difficult. This is also important to prevent any folds or ridges in your skin from getting in the way.
  4. With your other hand, hover your trimmer over the hair and carefully trim it as short as possible without touching the skin.

Get Warm

As with shaving other parts of your body, it’s best to take a warm (not hot) shower. This relaxes your skin, opens your hair follicles, and cleans the lurking bacteria on your balls.

The warm water also stimulates blood flow, making your balls loose and flexible. This way, your balls are easier to pull taut than when your balls retract due to the cold.

After showering, pat dry your balls with a towel. Do not rub as the friction may cause irritation.

Lather Up

Before you shave, you want to grease your balls to soften the hair for the razor blade. As we mentioned, we recommend choosing between shave oil and shave butter.

Remember that this will make things slippery, so you need to be extra careful during the next step.

Fun Fact: You can also use shaving soap or cream on your balls as well. Read our article on shaving soap vs cream for more details!

Shave Your Balls

Now, you’re going to take a clean safety razor and shave off the remaining hair on your scrotum. Here are the steps to do so:

  1. Get into that same comfortable position you had in the first step. Make sure that you can see and reach your balls.
  2. Once again, use one hand to pull your skin taut. We want to emphasize this even more because your skin is literally against a sharp blade. Otherwise, you’ll likely get nicked.
  3. Now, use your other hand to shave your balls until smooth. This isn’t a race, so it’s best to take it slow with gentle strokes. Remember to avoid pressing and make as few passes as possible. There’s still a chance of hurting yourself even if you’re using a safety razor, especially since your balls are already slippery from the lather.
  4. Once you’re done, rinse off your balls with cold water. This will close off your pores and minimize any ingrown hairs.
  5. Finally, pat until dry your balls using a towel. Don’t rub!


If you’re lucky enough to make it through without nicks or cuts, you can now proceed to the last step – aftercare.

Take your chosen aftercare product and apply a generous layer to your shaved balls to nourish the skin. You also want to do this in the following days.

If you have ingrown hairs, you can gently exfoliate the affected area over a couple of days. If this doesn’t work, you can pluck the hairs with a tweezer.

That’s basically it! You can now go through your day with your balls feeling fresh.

Precaution And First Aid

It’s normal to encounter risk or two while shaving your balls, especially with all the folds and ridges.

Here are some of these risks and how you can address them:

Nicks And Cuts

If you have a poor shaving technique, use inappropriate tools, or have a dull blade, you’re prone to getting nicks and cuts. Make sure your trimmer or shaver is up to the task!

You can apply basic first aid if your balls suddenly bleed while shaving. Stop immediately, wash your balls to avoid infection, and use gauze or tissue to absorb the blood. You can shave again once the spot scabs over or heals completely.

There’s no need to panic, as minor cuts on your balls are rarely serious and heal quickly. You will only need to bring your family jewels to the emergency room if you’re severely bleeding or have a deep cut.


Itching is pretty common whenever you shave any part of your body. This will usually go away in a day or two.

However, you can visit a healthcare professional or pharmacist for some topical over-the-counter medication if the itching doesn’t disappear.

Remember, avoid scratching too vigorously to avoid irritating your balls.


Razor burns or redness usually occur when you use irritating products, shave too vigorously, or rub your balls with a towel.

These usually go away within a week, but you can relieve the irritation by soaking in a warm bath or applying a soothing lotion to the affected area.

It’s best to avoid shaving again until the irritation goes away.

Razor Bumps

Bumps, pimples, or blisters could result from folliculitis, which is an infection of hair follicles due to bacterial or fungal infection.

You can prevent infection by observing cleanliness while manscaping. It’s essential to shower first and wash your hands before shaving your balls.

We also discourage using the same razor for your body and face. These body parts have different bacteria, and you certainly don’t want to spread those around.

Meanwhile, you can get rid of razor bumps by keeping the area dry and clean or using an over-the-counter antibiotic ointment.

However, if the condition doesn’t improve or you experience more redness, pus, or fever, we recommend consulting a doctor.

Watch This!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are men supposed to trim their balls?

This depends entirely on you — it’s your balls, shave it if you want. Some guys do this for stylistic purposes or for their partner but there are some health benefits to doing this. Having less hair means fewer places for bacteria to hide in.

Shaving damp areas of your body, like your crotch and armpits, keeps them fresher and cleaner, especially during hot seasons. However, shaving also has disadvantages, such as nicks and bumps.

How often should you trim your balls?

It all depends on your goals. For example, suppose you’re only shaving because you’re attending an event requiring you to wear a speedo. In that case, you can shave the night before. However, if you want to have smooth balls all the time, you would need to do this every couple of days, depending on how fast your hair grows.

Can you use hair removal cream on your balls?

Yes, you can! It saves you the worry of cuts and razor burns. Just make sure that the ingredients are gentle so you don’t get chemical burns. Don’t worry, too. Hair removal cream won’t burn your nuts off. However, you should still consider how your body reacts to the cream. Some guys feel no pain, while others say it’s the most painful experience ever.


We understand that it may be scary at first to shave your balls, especially since it’s one of the most sensitive areas of a man’s body.

Of course, you can opt for a waxing appointment instead. This eliminates the need to have a steady hand to avoid damaging your skin. Waxing even helps you get rid of hair everywhere.

However, if you’re too embarrassed, you’ll have to take grooming into your own hands. So long as you have the proper tools and take things slow, you’ll learn how to shave your balls safely in no time.

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