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How To Keep A Bald Head Smooth Without Shaving: Tips Shared

Last Updated on: May 11, 2024

There are several approaches to how to keep a bald head smooth without shaving.

Shaving is a highly efficient approach to getting a polished appearance, but not everyone will enjoy it. Many guys dislike the sensation of a razor blade on their scalp, especially those with sensitive skin.


Shaving your head bald takes a lot of time. With a relatively little gadget, it’s a huge area to cover. To do the task effectively, you need time, willpower, and concentration.

Luckily, you have options and each of them has benefits and drawbacks compared to shaving. 

So, let’s get started!

4 Shaving Alternatives That Keep Your Bald Head Smooth

Man with bald head.

Here are several alternatives to using a razor blade that you might want to try. It’s crucial to be aware of your options even if you aren’t drawn to all of them.

1. Depilatory Creams

Depilatory Creams

Hair removal cream is an excellent method for getting bald without shaving. They function in the same manner on a scalp as they would elsewhere.

In essence, the hair removal cream is applied to your head and let sit for a predetermined amount of time. The alkaline components of the cream break down the hair proteins during this stage.

When you wipe the cream off, the hair strands come out easily since this dissolves the hair’s bases just below the skin’s surface.

Depilatory creams like Veet and Nair have advantages over shaving.

It’s more effective and takes less time, which is one advantage. It takes less concentration and effort to complete the task. 

Simply apply the cream, let it dry, and then wash it off.

Creams have the additional benefit of being less prone to irritate and cause bumps than shaving. 

However, it’s still possible that the cream won’t work well for your skin. Overall, applying lotions to your bald head is more pleasant than using a razor.

For maintenance, you’ll also need to repeat the procedure at least once every few weeks. Even if you wouldn’t have to shave as often, this isn’t exactly low maintenance.

Creams normally won’t offer you as smooth of a finish as shaving would, which is a drawback. 

Generally speaking, you have little influence over the outcome, so you shouldn’t be too shocked if you end up with a slight 5 o’clock shadow in the horseshoe area.

The fragrance of these lotions, which may be rather overpowering, is another drawback.

Additionally, it’s crucial to check the hair’s length before using a depilatory lotion on your bald head.

You need it to be long enough for the cream to adhere (as a wax strip would), but short enough to prevent the hair strands from breaking in the center.

The ideal measurement would be around a 14-inch, and a clipper works best for this. Therefore, it is vital to trim it down in addition to applying the cream before doing so. 

However, this would also apply to waxing and even shaving.

Shaving takes more time and is more painful. 

The results, nevertheless, might not be as flawlessly smooth as those obtained by shaving. Even before the cream is removed, the odor may be disagreeable.

2. Waxing


DIY bald head waxing might be challenging. We’ll get to the major concern, which is whether it’s worthwhile to endure the discomfort caused by pulling the hair follicles.

The most crucial technical issue would be that your hair must be at the ideal length for waxing. The ideal length to cut to before waxing is generally 14 inches.

It’s vital to have a thorough awareness of the many kinds of wax you might use. Hard wax and soft wax are two types of waxes:

a. Hard Wax

Strips are not required for hard wax. However, it must be warmed up before usage; it cannot be done so at room temperature. 

The best option would be a wax warmer; a microwave would be a less-than-ideal alternative.

The simplicity of hard wax allows you to easily apply it to your bald head and let it adhere to your beardy scalp. 

As it solidifies, it eventually forms a strip which you may peel it off with the stubble.

b. Soft Wax

Warming up heated soft wax with a wax warmer is necessary before applying a coating to the bald scalp. The wax is then removed using various strips.

In reality, pre-made strips already have wax affixed to them. The DIY-friendliest choice is this one.

The biggest advantage of waxing over shaving is that you’re getting rid of the hair at the root. 

Shaving, in contrast, just involves shaving the hair down to the skin’s surface.

Your smooth bald head will feel and appear better after waxing as a consequence. Additionally, you won’t need to do it as frequently. This makes maintenance much easier to handle.

Waxing is often painful. Especially the first few times, waxing is famously painful.

In addition, the scalp has a dense concentration of hair and is particularly sensitive to waxing. Skin irritation and pain might be an issue.

Waxing will produce a smoother-looking and feeling outcome for your bald head than shaving. 

If you’re genuinely hoping to stop using the razor, it can be worth trying out if you’re ready to put yourself through the agony.

3. Hair Clipper

Hair Clipper

A quality hair clipper is a very adaptable tool. It is amazing to witness a skilled barber using a clipper.

A clipper is perfect for an induction-style buzz cut even though it can be used for some fairly sophisticated things.

Remove the guard to reveal the clipper’s exposed blade. Trim the hair in both directions and directions to the same length.

The simplest method for keeping a smooth bald head is this. Its speed and very low level of discomfort are its key advantages.

Indeed, a clipper blade might not feel very smooth when it passes over your bare head. 

However, since you aren’t shaving as closely to the flesh, it is unquestionably more pleasant. You’ll experience reduced discomfort and irritability as a consequence.

The primary drawback is that it won’t offer you a finish that is as smooth as shaving. 

A clipper can only cut down to extremely short stubble, even when there is no protection attached (a grade of 0). There will still be between 0.5 and 1mm of hair there.

Using a clipper without a guard is an excellent technique to preserve a bald head if you don’t mind having a short buzz cut. It is quick, effective, and comparatively cozy.

4. Sugaring


Although it isn’t as well-known, this hair removal technique works effectively and is entirely natural.

In that a sticky material is used to grasp onto the hair and draw it out from its roots, it is quite similar to waxing.

Lemon juice, water, and sugar can be combined to create a basic sugar paste. This is combined to create a paste-like mixture that is simple to apply to your head.

You could find certain important distinctions between sugaring and waxing to be quite alluring.

Sugar paste doesn’t require wax warmers or microwaves to be used or applied; it may be used and applied at room temperature. 

The paste may be scraped off to remove the hair as it molds and hardens in the direction of hair growth.

Strips are unnecessary since the paste itself generates one during the solidification process. The sugar paste’s greater stickiness to hair than to scalp skin is an additional benefit. 

Compared to waxing, this typically causes less discomfort and annoyance.

Once you’re done, you may easily wash the residue away with water.

It could be worth a go if you’re searching for a cheap and efficient alternative to shaving, but it might not be for everyone.

To be safe, as with any new product, try a tiny bit of the paste on a hidden part of your body and look out for any rashes or reactions, especially for those with sensitive skin. 

It’s an organic alternative to shaving that could work for you. It is inexpensive, efficient, and typically preferable for usage on delicate regions like the scalp.

Tips To Keep A Bald Head Smooth

Man staring at brush.

Although the hair removal tool or technique you employ is essential, it is not everything. To truly make that dome sparkle, you may adopt a few bald head maintenance techniques and routines.

1. Exfoliate

No more than once a week, use either a physical scrape or a chemical exfoliating wash. It cleans the skin’s top layer of dead cells, oil, and grime. 

This results in simpler hair removal (by any method) and a bare head that looks happy.

2. Moisturize

Do it consistently. It’s especially crucial in the days just following hair removal. Moisture is essential for painful and irritated skin.

3. Bald Balm

A great post-shave balm, which frequently contains calming plant elements, might offer you a little more.

4. Sunscreen

When considering the long term, this one is the most significant. An exposed, hairless scalp can suffer badly from sun exposure over time.

Shaving Tips

Bald head shaving.

Here are some comfort-enhancing ideas in case you choose to return to shaving as your preferred technique for becoming bald.

1. Have Proper Lubrication

It’s possible to have a more pleasant shave by using shaving soap or cream that has been whipped into a lather using a shaving brush and bowl. 

It offers more lubrication and softness than typical shaving gels.

2. Consider Safety Razors

Despite the small learning curve, they are frequently less harsh on the skin than multi-blade cartridge razors once you have the technique down.

3. Apply Single Strokes

Do not repeatedly touch the same areas, especially after wiping the lubricant off. The inflammation should decrease as a result.

4. Keep The Skin Taut

Use your non-dominant hand to gently tighten the parts of your scalp you are shaving. It reduces the likelihood of razor burn, nicks, and cuts.

5. Use Fresh Blades

Inconvenience, strain, and tugging are usually brought on by dull or dulled blades. There will never be a perfect result.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you shave your head to keep it bald?

We advise combing the hair once a month. The remedy will take effect right away. However, there is good news for you: after the cut is finished, maintaining it gets a little bit simpler for you.

How can I go bald permanently?

The FDA views electrolysis as permanent, unlike other removal techniques. This mainly destroys the centers of hair growth like laser treatment. However, laser treatment isn’t effective for everyone. It works best for people with light skin color and dark hair.

How can I shave my head at home without making a mess?

Paper towels are the cheapest and easiest way to cover the surface. Nothing less is worth doing.


I hope that this article has demonstrated to you that you have choices on how to keep a bald head smooth without shaving. There are several methods you may use to get bald without shaving. Simply select the approach that best meets your needs.

You ultimately determine what you believe to be more valuable. The approach you select will be determined by the goal you want to accomplish, how enjoyable you want the process to be, and how long you want it to take.

Enjoy it, embrace it, and appreciate it.

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