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How To Get Beard Dye Off Skin: Beginners’ Guide To Cleansing

Last Updated on: June 9, 2024

How to get beard dye off the skin should be one of your top research priorities before dyeing your beard. Keep it from staining your skin like hair dye does if you want to seem natural.


I hope you find these beard dye removal instructions before tragedy strikes. 

Don’t worry if it’s too late to avoid it; beard color will eventually wash off. However, you’d probably prefer not to have stains on your face for the next few weeks.

To prevent getting beard color on your skin, follow the content below.

How To Get Beard Dye Off Skin

Barber applying dye on beard

The only phase you could need to change or substitute is the choice of ingredients, and this routine ought to be effective in the majority of circumstances.

Remember that the methods provided below are what you would term do-it-yourself. Wipes are made to remove hair dye stains from the skin and are marketed for commercial use.

For instance, Colortrak produces aloe-infused wipes that are well-liked.

However, if you don’t want to spend the money or just like the old-fashioned DIY method, keep reading.

Without further ado, let’s get started with the step-by-step procedure:

1. Pick A Removal Product

Hand with hand sanitizer

This is an essential first action both for semi-permanent beard dyes and permanent beard dyes. You have a variety of possibilities, and the best part is that you probably already have some of them laying about your home.

There’s a strong possibility that one of them will work for you, even if it’s doubtful that all of them will. If the first one doesn’t exactly work for you, I’d suggest trying a new one.

You have the following goods to choose from:

a. Rubbing Alcohol


Isopropyl alcohol is a colorless cleaning solution that works well on both skin and clothing stains. I wouldn’t use it if you have really sensitive skin. It could be stern.

b. Regular Soap


Although it is unlikely to be sufficient, this is worth a try. There’s a chance it could work, particularly if the beard dye or hair dye stain is still quite fresh on the skin.

c. Dishwashing Soap

Dishwashing soap

It’s a little stronger than standard hand soap, for example. After applying it, hydrate properly because it might be drying.

d. Toothpaste


It has a reputation for having an unexpected capacity to get stains out of some materials. However, it can also be just enough to get rid of those skin spots.

e. Baking Soda

Baking Soda

To form a paste that you may use to cover the stain, combine some with your dish soap. It could be too powerful to apply to your face, but if you use it carefully on your hands, it might be okay.

You can also combine baking soda and experiment with a nail polish remover and other things.

2. Perform A Patch Test At Home

Spreading Lotion on knee area

The likelihood that you have an allergy or intolerance to the product you’ve chosen is small but important.

The day before, apply a little quantity of the product to your elbow or thigh (or any other easily-covered region of skin).

Review the area in 24 hours. If you have any localized rash or irritation, stop using the product. Most likely, you find it difficult to go on.

This method can take a bit longer, but it could save you from developing an unsightly rash on your facial skin.

3. Soak A Cotton Ball In Your Removal Product

Cotton balls

Due to cotton not being overly abrasive, I prefer to use it to erase these skin spots. The skin on the face, in particular, is delicate and requires special care.

Although it may be somewhat more effective, using an abrasive product like a physical scrub is rougher on the skin.

Applying dish soap to skin that has just been cleaned is a surefire way to cause itching and discomfort.

Prepare your cotton balls after selecting your removal product and making sure you are not allergic to them. To be very effective, I’d prepare two or three.

Apply the product to your cotton balls directly or soak them in it.

Even before dying the beard, I advise getting cotton balls ready. In this manner, you will be able to swiftly mop up any spills or leaks that may land on the skin before they cause a stain.

Toothpaste and other inexpensive DIY items are frequently the solutions.

4. Apply The Removal Product On The Are With Beard Dye Stain

Man soaping beard

Rub the skin stain gently with the cotton ball that contains your preferred substance. Apply it evenly, then wait a few minutes.

The product’s effectiveness depends on how long you let it sit on the stain. A safe bet is often between 5 and 10 minutes. It gives the agent ample time to begin dissolving the discoloration.

5. Rinse With Lukewarm Water

Man rinsing face with water

Once you’ve given yourself enough time, use lukewarm water to rinse the substance off of your skin. Lukewarm water is always preferable to hot or even warm water.

The temperature is just right to allow the pores to expand without being overly scalding or unpleasant.

To aid remove beard dye from your skin, you can if you’d like soak another cotton ball in warm water.

6. Check The Results

The likelihood of getting to remove beard dye from your skin properly is high.

Be at ease if it hasn’t. There is a strong probability that another product will function. Give your skin at least 24 hours to calm down if you see irritation before using a different product.

How To Properly Dye Beard Without Staining Your Skin

Compared to attempting to repair the damage after it has already been done, this is far easier.

It’s a typical issue for beard and hair dye to stain your hands. Wearing a pair of disposable latex gloves or other alternative gloves while applying your beard dye is the easiest and most convenient approach.

What about the face, though? Frequently stained skin is the parts very adjacent to your cheek line and neckline. Putting up a barrier is the best choice against this.

Typically, petroleum jelly or a thick moisturizing lotion works well.

The beard dye can be “contained” inside the beard borders, reducing spillage over the face and neck. Before applying the beard dye, just dab a line of the product around the cheek and neckline.

As you apply the beard dye, it’s crucial to make sure you’re ready for staining. As I just said, the quicker you wipe it up, the simpler it is to get rid of.

So, while you apply the beard color, get those cotton balls ready. At this point, all that will probably be required is to soak them in plain soap and water.

Grab one of those cotton balls and start wiping up any stains you see right away. It’s a time-sensitive procedure, so don’t wait until you’ve completed dying.

Trim Talk: Since we’ve gone “down and dirty” with beard dye removal, why not up the ante and proceed to remove hair from your balls? You read this one right — Best Hair Removal Cream For Balls.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does beard dye last on the skin?

This will last for at least two weeks.

Can you wash out beard dye?

Does baby hair dye help? Yes, the color of the beard ultimately fades. The beard becomes lighter with each wash, but it takes 4-6 weeks to dry fully. It’s also quite challenging to maintain cleanliness.

How do you get hair dye off your skin?

You can remove beard dye stains on your skin with alcohol and soap. Afterward, dry them off using cotton balls. You may also use a washcloth to clean off the scaly portions. Rinse while applying little pressure.

What if you can’t completely get rid of the beard dye stain?

Take this situation lightly. Nobody else will likely be able to perceive it to the extent that you can.

The skin eventually flakes off and then regenerates. Soon enough, the pigmented areas of the skin will be replaced by fresh skin. Additionally, even if you don’t actively strive to erase the skin stains, they will gradually go over time with frequent washing.

How do you remove beard dye stains from your clothes?

The response is quite comparable. Many of the substances I’ve already suggested ought to be effective on your clothing. Contrary to face skin, you don’t need to worry as much about the severity of what you’re applying. So feel free to experiment with nail polish remover or baking soda and vinegar or even petroleum jelly.


Beard coloring may make a man appear younger. This is true. You may have personally experienced this, or at the very least enjoyed perusing some internet before and after pictures.

The application technique isn’t exactly straightforward, but the effects may be fantastic. It may become complicated and like there are to hair dyes.

This article should have given you a better sense of how to deal with one aspect of this complexity. Removing beard dye stains is easier than you think.

So don’t worry cause petroleum jelly or heavy lotion may be able to help you and do the trick!

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