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How To Clean Electric Razor: Fool-Proof Methods To Use Daily

Last Updated on: June 8, 2024

It’s the daily shaver’s nightmare.

Not cleaning your electric shaver is like taking a greased chute all the way down to a razor rife with bacteria. And a razor with a dull blade at that.

This means you don’t get the clean shave you’re looking for. But instead end up with missed spots, nicks, pulled skin, and razor bumps.

So you see, knowing how to clean an electric razor is non-negotiable. That is if you want safe, clean shaves every time you use your razor. And you want to use it for as long as possible.

All that said, let’s get down to brass tacks.

Materials You Need For Cleaning Electric Razor

Before you discover how to clean an electric razor, you’ll need the following materials to start:

  • Soap: This only works for waterproof razors. You’re going to need liquid soap and water to clean your shaver’s head. You can use dish wash soap, hand soap, or shower gel.
  • Electric razor cleaner: We recommend this for non-waterproof razors, clippers, and trimmers. This aerosol cleaning spray cleans and lubricates your cutters. They reduce the friction, heat, and gunk that causes wear in electric razors.
  • Lubricant: You need to constantly lubricate your cutting block. Doing this keeps your blades sharp, and helps you avoid overheating.
  • Brush (optional): To remove the small bits of hair that get stuck between blades, you may need a brush. Most razors come with a small brush. But if you don’t have one, you can use a toothbrush, a small nail brush, or a small paintbrush.

How To Clean Electric Shaver (Waterproof Models)

If your razor is waterproof, then the most effective cleaning process involves water and liquid soap. Here’s how to go about it:


Hold the razor over your sink or trash can. You’re going to be removing hair and dead skin from the cutting block. So you won’t want them to end up on the floor, and give you clean-up work you don’t need to do.

Turn Off The Electric Shaver And Remove The Head

There are 2 things you need to do before you can get to removing hair and dead skin cells from your cutting block.

First, you’ll need to turn off your electric shavers.

If your shaver uses a plug, be sure to unplug it before you start cleaning.

If it uses a battery instead, take them out.

This is important as you’ll be opening up the razor after this step. Electric current plus water entering the razor could lead to electrocution. Or damage the shaver.

For the next step, you’ll need to take apart the shaver. Electric shavers have heads that fit into 3 categories: rotary, foil, or clipper razors. Here’s how to snap each of them off:

Rotary Heads

Electric Shave (3 Rotary Heads)

This type of razor flips open. Some have their heads attached to the body with a hinge. While others are friction fitted, so you can take them off completely. Whichever the case, remove the retainer that holds the blade.

And take out the blade too. This will allow you to clean the hard-to-reach parts of the razor.



For this kind of razor, you can pull the protective foils right off. This will expose the electric shaver blades so you can clean them.



The clipper razor: you’ll need a screwdriver for this one. Start by taking the head off so you see the blades. Then take your screwdriver and remove the blades.

NOTE: Be careful when taking apart your razor. Some of its parts are very sensitive and do not require cleaning.

Check out your owner’s manual to know what you should take apart and what you should clean.

Inspect For Damage

Take a minute or two to inspect your razor. Check to see if there are cracks in your casing. Also, look for whether there are issues with the shaver head. Like nicks in the blade for example. Inspect thoroughly before you begin cleaning.

Get Rid Of Hair Strands

Now you’re going to start cleaning the razor head. There are 3 ways you can go about this. And they depend on the materials you have handy.

  1. Tap the head lightly on your sink or with your finger. This will help you shake out left-over hair. If you’re using a foil razor, make sure not to touch the actual foil. They get damaged easily.
Hair strands on sink surface
  1. Use a small brush to dust the hair off the inside of the head. get into the nooks and crannies of the head and razors. But dust lightly so you don’t leave scratches or scuffs. And make sure not to touch the foils if you have a foil razor.
Man cleaning razor with brush
  1. If you have a can of compressed air, they can help you get rid of the hair fast. Simply spray on the areas where hair can get lodged into.

NOTE: if you use shaving cream or gel, none of the above methods will work.

That’s because of the lather that’s gotten stuck in your razor head. In this case, a quick rinse with some water will do.

Once you’re done with this step, return the cutting block. Then start the next step.

Rinse Then Add Soap

Rotary shave cleaning under running water

Start by rinsing off your shaver with a little bit of warm water. This helps to remove hair that’s still lodged in the crevices of your razor.

The next step is to add a bit of liquid soap to wash your shaver head.

You can either gently scrub the blades and other removable parts with your brush or, with the liquid soap on the shaver head, turn the razor on. The soap will lather and cover the foils of the razor.

We recommend you leave the shaver on for about 10seconds. So the soap can lather and clean your blades. Then, with the razor still on, rinse the head with warm water for another 10 seconds. This will rid the head of any foam, hair, or gunk.

Turn Off And Rinse Thoroughly

Once you’re done with the above step, turn off the razor. Remove the cutting block and rinse it again. But do it thoroughly this time. The way you’ll do this has everything to do with your shaver model.

How To Clean Panasonic Shaver

These kinds of shavers have 2 removable blades on the inside. And the manufacturers fuse the rest of the blades with the foil block.

To clean, start by removing the foil frame and rinsing thoroughly. Do this inside and out. And don’t forget to rinse the inner blades, too.

How To Clean Braun Shaver

Braun shavers use something they call a “cassette”. It’s called a cassette because manufacturers fuse the blade and foils into a single unit. To clean this type of shaver, you’ll have to take out the whole cassette. Wash the inner and outer parts rigorously with warm water.

How To Clean Philips Norelco Shaver

Philips Rotary Shaver

The shaving head of this model flips open. But it remains attached after. To clean this, take the same steps outlined above. Make sure to rinse thoroughly both the inside and outside of the head.

Consider Sanitizing And Cleaning The Body

Now that you’ve taken the time to get your razor squeaky clean, you can take things a step further. Two steps to be exact.

Man pouring sanitizing lotion on piece of cloth
  1. Consider disinfecting electric razors with rubbing alcohol. All you’ll need is a cloth or cotton ball. With a little alcohol on them, clean the blades and razor. This will kill any bacteria that didn’t die from washing the razor.
  1. Also, try cleaning the full body of your razor. This doesn’t directly affect your shave. But oil from your hands can erode the body over time. A little cloth with alcohol or soap and water will do. Then use another dry cloth to wipe the body clean.


Now you need to allow the parts to dry–separately. Do not reassemble yet. If you do, water will take longer to evaporate. This can cause your blades to rust, and render your razor useless. In some cases, the razor may even develop a terrible smell. To avoid this, pat the razor with a clean cloth and leave the parts to air dry.


After the parts of your razor are dry, put them all back together. If you could disassemble it, then you can reassemble it.

Apply Lubricant

Since soap removes lubricant from your blades, you’ll have to oil them again. This is key if you want to keep your blades in pristine condition. So apply a bit of lubricant and turn on the shaver for 15-20 seconds. This lets the oil spread around the blade.

Pro Tip: After each use, you should add a drop of oil to the blade. This way, your blades are more likely to stay sharp for longer.

An Important Note On Rotary Razors

The steps outlined above will help you with regular cleaning. But your rotary razor will need more in-depth cleaning. That is, taking apart the razor to clean each pair of cutters and combs–one by one. And you’ll need to do this once every one or two months. This will help your rotary shaver perform better and longer.

Rotary Razor (Top View)
  1. Start by taking out the retainers that hold your blades in place. Depending on your model, this can be one of two types. A single piece. Or each cutting head could have its retainer ring. Visit your manual for help with instructions.
  1. After taking out the retainers, wash the rotary blades and their combs.
  1. Then lightly clean off any water with a cloth and let the parts air dry
  1. When it’s dry, add a lubricant to the parts–then reassemble the razor.

WARNING: Make sure to clean the blades and their corresponding combs separately.

It makes it less likely for you to mix up the matching pairs. If you do, your razor won’t shave well for a little while and will wear out fast.

Trim Talk: You might want to take a look at some tips regarding alternative clipper and razor oils for routine maintenance — Hair Clipper Oil Alternatives.

Watch This!

How To Clean Electric Shaver (Non-Waterproof Models)

If your shaver isn’t waterproof, here’s what you need to do to clean it:

Take Apart And Dust

After taking it apart, try using a can of compressed air to get rid of hair strands. Brushing or tapping will do fine if you don’t have access to one but it won’t be as effective.

Use Cleaning Spray

Use an electric razor cleaner. AKA spray cleaner or commercial cleaning spray, these usually pack a one-two punch. They disinfect and lubricate all at the same time. The shaver’s manufacturer usually sells these. They design them specifically for the razor.

Maintaining Your Shaver

Now you know all about how to clean an electric shaver head. This will go a long way in getting you that clean shave you’re looking for. So let’s talk about how you can get that clean shave for a longer period.

  1. Perform the deep-clean steps we’ve outlined for you at least once a week. Although, daily maintenance doesn’t need to go further than shaking hair strands out of the head. Without doing any of these–your blade will erode, and you’ll have a bacteria infestation.
  1. You should replace all cutting parts every 12 to 18 months. This will help you maintain the integrity of your shaver over the long run.
  1. Only charge your battery when you need to use the shaver. Overcharging can lead to overheating. Which leads to a weaker battery. Which means you have to buy a new razor.
  1. Get a case for your electric shaver. It protects from physical impacts (like falling). It also protects the cutting block from the dust and debris that dull blades.


And that’s all folks! You know the consequence of not keeping your electric shaver clean leads to bacterial infections. You likewise know the steps you need to take to keep your razors in good condition whether it’s waterproof or not. More importantly, remember to lubricate regularly and remove left-over hair from your shaver’s head daily.

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