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How Often Should I Wash My Beard: Facial Hair Laving Basics

Last Updated on: May 10, 2024

You must take the time to take care of your beard for it to seem nice and lustrous, and cleaning it is one of those things. 


It would be wise to determine the ideal amount of washes for your face fuzz requirements.

I suppose it all depends on your skin type, the environment where you live, the length of your beard, whether or not you lead an active lifestyle, and where you reside. 

All of these things have a role, but we can still provide a solution to all your concerns.

How Often Should I Wash My Beard?

Man washing face

Depending on your skin type, beard type, lifestyle (if active, your profession), and other considerations like the area you live in, you should wash your beard anywhere from once a week to three times a week.

Here is the fast response if you don’t have much time to read.

  • Normal skin should be washed twice a week.
  • Dry skin should be washed once or twice a week.
  • Oily skin should be washed three times each week.
  • Combination skin should be washed two to three times each week.
  • Stubble beards should be washed twice a week.
  • Short beards should be washed twice a week.
  • Medium beards should be washed once or twice.
  • Longer beards should be washed once a week.
  • If you have an Active or Sporty Lifestyle,  wash with water before and following exercise.
  • If you have an Active Job that you end up sweating a lot almost every day, wash it every other day.

You might need to be in the middle and wash your beard twice a week using the proper beard treatments if you have dry skin, a stubble beard, a physically demanding profession, and live in a dry area.

Remember, this is only a guide. You must be aware of what your beard hairs require. I advise you to put your skin type above all other considerations.

Factors You Must Consider

1. Skin Type

Skin Type

Knowing your skin type is necessary to determine how frequently you should wash your beard. For instance, the recommended number of washes for dry and oily skin will vary.

You can employ the bare-faced approach if you are unsure about your skin type. Cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser first, then gently pat it dry.

Check for shine on your cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead after 30 minutes. Check to see whether the skin still feels dry after another 30 minutes, paying particular attention to facial expressions.

  • Tight skin means you have dry skin.
  • Shine on your cheeks, forehead, and nose indicates oily skin.
  • Shine on your nose and forehead if you have normal or combination.

Additionally, extremely sensitive skin might develop a red or scaly rash when exposed to a trigger. To discover the best answer for you, I advise you to consult a dermatologist.

Normal Skin

You’re lucky if your skin has a healthy balance, feels soft, is neither oily nor dry, and lacks any noticeable big pores.

Wash your face and beard twice a week with a non-comedogenic cleanser.

Dry Skin

Your skin feels scaly and rough because dry skin doesn’t generate enough sebum. Additionally, because there aren’t enough lipids in the skin, it might cause irritation and itchiness.

A moisturizing, fragrance-free cleanser should be used once or twice a week to wash your face and beard.

Beard oils and beard conditioners may be nice alternatives as well as they help prevent dry skin.

Oily Skin

Sebum, the natural oils that your skin generates, can block pores and lead to breakouts and blackheads. 

Skin produces excess oil and this occurs when sebum and dead skin cells mix and get lodged in your pores. You have oily skin.

Three times each week, wash your face and beard with a salicylic acid-containing non-comedogenic gel cleanser.

Combination Skin

This implies that your skin will have both dry and oily patches. It could have natural oils on the forehead and nose and drier around the chin and cheeks.

Two or three times each week, wash your face and beard with a salicylic-containing moisturizing, non-comedogenic gel cleanser.

2. Beard Length

Beard Length

Knowing your skin type can help you determine how frequently to wash your beard. You also need to understand the length of your beard.


A kind of beard known as “stucco” develops after a few days without shaving (my favorite these days, since I trim it every two weeks when not once per week). 

Your beard is 1 to 5 millimeters long if you wear this style. 

You can wash your beard two or three times each week using a beard wash if it has stubble.

Short Beard

A clean, low-maintenance facial hairdo with a ruggedly appealing appearance is a short beard. Your beard is between 5mm and 30mm long when you wear this style.

You can wash your beard with a beard wash twice a week if it is short.

Medium Beard

Full facial covering with a medium beard requires a little more beard care and will need to be combed and brushed. Your beard is between 30mm and 150mm long in this design.

You can wash your medium-sized beard once or twice every week.

Long Beard

A lengthy beard requires a lot of maintenance to maintain it nice and healthy since it completely covers the face and extends below the chin. 

Your beard hair should be longer than 150mm when you wear this style. You should wash your lengthy beard once a week if you have one.

3. Lifestyle


How frequently you should wash your facial hair depends on your lifestyle as well.

Active Lifestyle

Particularly if you enjoy doing out nearly every day, a very active lifestyle can result in sweat, grime, and chalk on your beard. 

Since a cleanser will dry out your beard, you don’t need to wash it every day.

Before and after the workout, rinse your beard with water.

You remove the dirt that accumulates throughout the day, night, and any activities you engage in by rinsing your beard with water before working out. 

After your workout, rinse your beard with water to remove any chalk, perspiration, or grime.

Working Lifestyle

The frequency of beard washing might vary depending on your work. 

For instance, your beard may begin to smell if you work as a chef in a busy kitchen or as a subcontractor moving heavy objects.

To avoid oil from blocking pores, filth in the beard, and any unpleasant odors,  wash every two days if your job makes you sweat a lot or if you work in locations with a lot of odor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it good to wash your beard every day using hair shampoo and conditioner?

Yes, it is. While it’s okay to wash your beard hair every day with water (ideally when you take a shower), regularly washing your beard with hair shampoo and conditioner might have several side effects due to their contents. Beard itch and beard dandruff may occur as side effects since shampoo and conditioner are for your head hair.

How often should I wash my beard black man?

Due to naturally curly beards, black guys have greater difficulties than any other group of males. Therefore, it’s best to wash every two to three days.

What happens if you don’t wash your beard?

You’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t wash your beard and want it to be full, thick, and amazing. If you don’t wash your beard, things like dirt, oil, and debris might accumulate. You might end up with skin issues brought in by the buildup in your beard.

How often should I use beard shampoo and conditioner?

Beard shampoo and conditioner are crucial components of this practice but they must be used properly. One to three times a week is suggested for washing your beard.

What are the steps in applying the right beard products?

First, you must use a beard wash or beard shampoo, then use a beard conditioner and use both 1 to 3 times a week. Next, you should apply beard oil and a beard balm once per day.


A reasonable rule of thumb is one to three times each week, although it depends on your skin type, beard length, way of life, and surroundings.

In dry climates, wash it once or twice weekly. In humid climates, wash it twice or three times each week.

Using the proper beard care supplies, such as beard wash, beard shampoo, beard conditioner, beard oil, or balm, can also make a difference.

After a few weeks, you’ll discover how frequently you need to wash your facial hair to maintain your grooming practice.

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