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Dreadlocks Prices: Styles, Accessories, & Loc Service Costs

Last Updated on: April 9, 2024

The question, “how much do dreadlocks cost?”, is very common. 


Despite how common it is, due to various factors affecting the price, it is almost impossible to name an exact price range for this hairstyle.

So, how much do dreads cost? 

Well, it varies from as cheap as nothing to a price worth gold.

To know more about this question, we provided an article that can help you determine better the cost to get dreads done professionally. 

If you are curious about this, you can take a moment to scroll and read the content we have provided below.

What Are Dreadlocks?

Dreadlocks are rope-like portions of hair with a tough texture that are made by matting the hair. 

Dreads are worn by people of different genders, religions, tribes, and races, yet they are most commonly linked with African heritage.

The most natural technique to get dreads is to entirely ignore your hair — no combing, trimming, or brushing. Meanwhile, your hair takes years to matte and give you the right effect. 

You can also dreadlock your hair using different techniques like dread braiding, twisting, and backcombing.

What Are The Dreadlocks Salon Prices And Types?

Listed below are your answers to how much do dreadlocks cost according to their types:

Free-Form Dreadlocks

Free-Form Locks
Free-Form Locks

These freeform locks, also known as the original and natural dreadlocks, are created by neglecting to maintain the hair. Simply wash your hair and let it dry naturally. 

These do not appear to be the most precise or uniform locks. Each lock will be different in size, but they are frequently fairly huge, even the size of a large man’s wrist. 

Free Formed Locks can be cleaned, but due to their size and lack of grooming, they are more difficult to maintain clean. For religious reasons, free-forming has long been connected with Rastafarians.

How much are dreads of this kind? Well, the price range from as little as $200 way up to $800.

Traditional Dreadlocks

Traditional Dreadlocks
Traditional Dreadlocks

Traditional locks can be started with finger coils or comb curls. For a more smooth finish, these dreads can be done at home or by a professional hairstylist. Apply a twist (or a lock gel), retwist at the root, and keep in place with a metal clip are common ways to remain in place. After that, you have the choice of interlocking your hair.

Prices will vary based on hair length and thickness, it is usually less than $100, to begin with.



These can be achieved by beginning with “micro” braids and working your way up to huge braids.

The key to this procedure is a latch hook worth $2.00 or a nappylock worth $25 tool for upkeep. 

It may take some time for the braid pattern to go away. These dreads can cost as little as $100 to start and maintain at home or as much as $50 to $75 in a salon.



Hair is parted and then “locked” by tying a knot at the very end of the hair, which is ideal for smaller locks. 

Then, you separate the hair into two portions by sliding your finger down from the scalp. From the bottom to the top, grab the end of the hair and drag it through each loop you’ve made. This can also be done with a latch hook. Work your way up the portion of hair until it looks like it has been crocheted.

These can be started at home for free. Otherwise, expect to pay $150-200 to get started, with an average of $75 to retighten at salons.



Sisterlocks are the tiniest of the loc alternatives, sometimes the size of micro braids. 

Although the size can vary like brother locks, they are usually not particularly huge. Hundreds of locks are implanted and maintained using a specialist tool and process on natural or relaxed/chemically treated hair. These are also the most expensive, with initial costs averaging $500 and re-tightenings at $25/hour or a flat fee of $125.

What Are The Additional Costs Of Having Dreadlocks?

Hair Products

Products you put in your hair are the most important things you should consider. You should invest in a residue-free shampoo and maintain it by having a routine.

Always be extra careful and attentive to your scalp as it is in its adjustment phase. I recommend purchasing essential oils, scalp oils, and good shampoo for the best and most natural hair health.

Keep in mind that not all “dreadlock” products will work well for your hair. 

These products’ estimated costs are $10 for essential oil, $7 to $15 for scalp oil, and $4 to $15 for residue-free shampoo.

Lock Maintenance

Below are the recommended monthly steps to maintain your locks:

a. Shampooing

Shampooing frequency is determined by your hair and scalp type. If you have an oily or dry scalp, you may want to shampoo more frequently. 

Remember that the cleaner your hair is, the easier it is to knot and lock. 

Regular shampoos leave behind conditioning ingredients that can build up in your dreadlocks and prevent the locking process. It’s critical to use a non-residue shampoo, especially for dreadlocks. 

Any of the residue-free shampoos are suitable for both new and established dreadlocks. They’ll stimulate locking and knotting by promoting a healthy scalp and preventing dirty hair and possible hair loss.

b. Palm Rolling

Frequent palm rolling with downward pressure will maintain your dreadlocks apart, keep them beautiful and rounded, and assist stretch out and minimize lumps, bumps, and shrinking. 

This should be done after shampooing and as often as possible. 

Tightening Gel can also be an alternative.

c. Using Tightening Spray

I recommend any product with a sea salt-based spray combined with aloe vera’s locking and conditioning characteristics. It’s an excellent product to use as your dreadlocks mature, as it will aid in tightening and locking them.

After shampooing, spray once or twice a week, or as needed.

d. Using Maintenance Techniques

When your dreadlocks are freshly washed and dried, it’s a fantastic opportunity to perform maintenance like how to do palm roll, dread ball, crochet, and clockwise massage. 

The amount of time you spend on upkeep is entirely up to you, and it may be influenced by your natural hair type and how easily it knots and locks. 

More effort is required if you want super-clean dreads.

e. Using Conditioning Spray

Use a conditioning spray to keep your hair healthy and hydrated. 

A gentle leave-in spray with Aloe Vera, Pro-Vitamin B, and Mandarin Oil to soften your dreadlocks and improve the condition of your hair and prevent thinned or discolored dreadlocks.

Lock Styling

Many people go to the salon to get their hair styled for special occasions or work, just as they do with their loose hair.  Although locticians may create phenomenal work, some styles may be too demanding for the roots to manage.

Make sure you pick a style that doesn’t injure your hair or change the dreadlock process you’ve been nurturing for so long.

It’s recommended not to style your dreadlocks at all even in ponytails. Pulling them back instead with a headband should suffice. The cost of professional lock styling varies from hair length to hair thickness or volume.

Lock/ Loc Extensions

1. Human Hair Extensions

These are real human hair extensions that have been dreaded. For how much do dread extensions cost, well, the cost to get this is higher as it has higher quality as well.

2. Synthetic Hair Extensions

These are fake hair that looks like real hair. These dreadlock extensions are a little heavier and give off a shine that makes it obvious that it’s fake.

3. Dreadlock Reattachment

These loc extensions are previous dreads that will be reattached.

4. Faux Locs

This is more of a protective hair wrapping technique than an “extension”. However, this still gives you the dreadlock appearance. Faux locs can last up to 3 months which is ideal if you only want to have temporary hair extensions.

Faux locs can consist of synthetic hair dreadlocks, wool dreadlocks, and dreadlocks from the hair of a human being. 

5. Goddess Locs

These dreadlock extensions are similar to faux locs but are more lightweight and natural-looking.

What Are The Factors That Influence Dreadlocks Prices?

Hair Length

The length of your hair is the first thing a hairstylist considers. Expect to pay more if your full head hair is waist length compared to someone with shoulder-long hair.

The reason for this is how much hair you got will take longer to style. 

If you’re on a budget, consider cutting your hair to a shorter length to save money.

Number Of Locks

Your cost will be computed based on how much dreadlocks number you require. If you desire more locks, your hair will be separated into a large number of portions.

Natural Hair Volume

When it comes to styling, a full head of hair necessitates the greatest effort, and dreads are no exception.

It will take time regardless of how few strands you desire because the loc thickness must match the volume – thick hair or thin hair, which will need extra effort. So, if you have coarse hair or thick hair, expect to pay more.

Watch This!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are wax and kits essential for dreadlocks?

Yes, in a way, dreadlocks kits and wax are advised; however, they do not have that much impact on the hair and are not that necessary. I do not recommend buying this to help save your money and effort as well as avoid damaged hair.

What is a dread perm?

Dread perming is a hairstyling process that uses a chemical treatment to produce or preserve dreadlocks. Perming chemicals are applied to the hair, causing it to become frizzy. To make the dreads, the frizzy hair is bonded together and then treated again which costs around $300 to $400.

Where can I get my hair dreaded?

You can get it done at home or at a professional salon. A simple Google search of “dreadlock salons near me” will do.


Now that you know how much are dreads, we hope we’ve given you enough insight regarding your concerns. You should expect that the best dreadlocks are quite expensive compared to cheap fake dreadlocks! Keep in mind, too, that dreads require a lot of time and patience. They do not just happen overnight unless you decide to get temporary dreadlocks extensions, faux locks, or goddess locs.

I can’t wait to see your new hairstyle and overall look soon!

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