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Clipper Guard Sizes: Miscellaneous Details You Must Know!

Last Updated on: May 10, 2024

A proper haircut requires more than simply expertise and a clipper, as we can all agree. As a result, when you buy clippers, they frequently include various extras.

Clipper Oil, a cleaning brush, a styling comb, and multiple guard combs are typically included. All of these materials are required for clipper maintenance and clipping.

Things can be a little complicated for a first-time user. 


If you’ve ever wondered what clipper guards are used for, you’ve come to the right place.

What Are Hair Clipper Guards?

Clipper Guard

Clipper Guards, also known as Attachment Combs or Guide Combs, simple equipment that aid in the measurement of the hair length being cut.

They’re made to fit onto the blades of a clipper. This allows the user to trim accurate hair lengths around the head with ease.

Without clipper guards, several haircuts (like fades) would be difficult to achieve.

There are now several clipper guard lengths available, some longer and others shorter. Hair clipper size is measured in millimeters (mm) or inches (“”) in terms of measurement.

Note that the sizes of all clipper guards are graded in numbers rather than their real sizes. It’s often a number between 0 and 12.

For example, the Remington HC 8017 guide comb number 8 (or #8) is 25mm (1 inch) in length. Get it?

In a barbershop, the #1, #2, and #3 clipper guards are the most prevalent; you’ve undoubtedly heard of them. This clipper size chart displays all currently available clipper numbers:

Clipper Guard NumberSize in millimetersSize in inches
Number 0 (or 1/2 for Wahl Clippers)1.51/16
Number 131/8
Number 261/4
Number 3103/8
Number 4131/2
Number 5165/8
Number 6193/4
Number 7227/8
Number 8251

Anyway, while most clipper models have several guide comb sizes, I’ll concentrate on five of the most common brands today.

Here are some examples of guide comb sizes from various hair clipper brands:

Andis Hair Clipper Size

Andis Magnetic Hair Clippers Sizes

Let’s begin with Andis’ most well-known accessory: Nanomagnetic combs. The manufacturer separates them into two sets: five shorter and four longer magnetic guards. 

The tight and snug fit, durability, ease of accuracy, and simpler haircut numbers are all reasons for their popularity.

People have inquired about how tightly these guards attach to the blade. They are concerned that because there is no clip or clasp, they will fall off during a haircut.

These combs are not going anywhere, I can guarantee you. You have to tug very hard to get them off when you need to remove them. 

It’s incredible how well they fit with only a small magnet.

They’re also compatible with a few other hair-clipper models. Magnetic guards from Andis, for example, will fit Oster Fast Feed without issue. Make certain you acquire the double magnetic guards. 

Here’s the sizing chart for Andis magnetic guards:

Short Magnetic Guards Set
Guard NumberSize in millimetersSize in inches
Number 01.51/16
Number 131/8
Number 261/4
Number 3103/8
Number 4131/2
Long Magnetic Guards Set
Guard NumberSize in millimetersSize in inches
Number 5165/8
Number 6193/4
Number 7227/8
Number 8251

Andis Detachable Blades

Ceramic blades are available on a few Andis professional clippers. 

What makes them special is their cool operation mode, durability, and, well, overall flair. 

Andis clippers with ceramic blades operate at a 70 percent lower temperature, which is ideal for heavy-duty haircuts. 

The Ultra Edge blades offer an option, however, they are not constructed of this material.

The Andis BGRc, a fantastic barber clipper that we have examined, is the most popular model with Ceramic Edge blades. 

Other top hair clippers, such as the Oster 76 Classic, may use Andis detachable blades. To assist you, below is a sizing chart for ceramic Andis clipper blades.

These blades are available in all of the standard hair clipper sizes and are formed identically to the carbon steel blades. 

One word of caution, though: they are more delicate than the steel variant. If you’re going to bag your clipper, ensure sure none of the teeth are damaged or chipped.

Ceramic Edge
Blade NumberSize in millimetersSize in inches
#1 1/245/32
#3 1/29.53/8
#3 3/4131/2

Note that the Andis comb set for detachable blade clippers fits all Andis detachable blade clippers. It comprises Andis guards in sizes 0 to 8 (1/16′′ to 1′′) that properly fit a #000 blade.

Oster Hair Clipper Sizes

Blades Sizes

Oster detachable blades are a work of art in and of themselves. 

They are made of high-carbon steel and are subjected to extreme cold and in-house testing. 

As a consequence, they’ve been toughened to an incredible RC62-66 Rockwell Scale.

If that doesn’t convince you, consider this: they’re extremely tough, extremely sharp, and will last you a very long time. 

The Oster Cryogen X blades function in this manner. Due to the popularity of Oster detachable blade clippers, we’ve created a list of all Oster clipper blade sizes for your convenience.

A variant with ridges on the top of the blade that comes into touch with your client’s head keeps things cooler. It essentially enables air to pass across the blade, keeping it cool. 

Because there is less surface area touching the skin, it is also less prone to drag on moist skin.

And, in case you’re wondering, this Oster Classic 76 blade size chart is also compatible.

Blade NumberSize in millimetersSize in inches
Modified #0A0.51/50
#1 1/245/32
#3 1/29.53/8
#3 3/412.71/2
Flattop T0.51/50
18 Skip Tooth3.21/8
Texturing Blade3.21/8

Guards Sizes

Great for shaping buzz cut lengths are the trademark of Oster’s adjustable hair clippers. With Oster’s combs, skipping a clipper guard size chart would be unjust. 

Of course, these attachments may be used as clipper guards for the Oster Classic 76 (or any other Oster detachable cutter.) Here are the sizes available:

Guard NumberSize in millimetersSize in inches
#10321 1/4

Some claim that Oster has never done something like this. 

Simply purchase and use Andis Nano double magnetic combs with your Fast Feed clipper. Easy as pie and, in my opinion, far superior to any plastic comb.

They aren’t cheap, but they are well worth the money. You receive more than you pay for in terms of peace of mind alone.

Wahl Hair Clipper Sizes

Guard Sizes

Wahl is the third and final hair clipper brand in the trinity. Wahl guards come in a variety of shapes and sizes. 

First, let’s look at the clipper guard sizes and chart. The kinds will be discussed later. The #10 and #12 combs are included in the Wahl clipper hair clipper sizes.

Guard NumberSize in millimetersSize in inches
#10321 1/4
#12381 1/2

There are three main kinds of this brand.

The colorful plastic combs come first. Each hue represents a different size. If you’re utilizing a home hair clipper for the entire family, this is ideal. 

It would be a pain if everyone’s haircut sizes were different, right? These combs make it simple to tell which guard to use for a 2-guard haircut vs which guard to use for a number 2 haircut, for example.

This eliminates any guessing while cutting your own or other people’s hair at home. Hair clipper sizes may be perplexing even for pros, so having it simplified for the DIYer is a huge plus.

The Wahl black hair clipper guide combs are your basic kit, just like the colored combs. They’re nothing special — simply another item to add to your at-home haircut numbers.

They’re not quite as durable as the Oster clippers, but they’re not bad either. They just might not last as long.

With Wahl metal clipper guards, things are a bit different. They’re pricier than regular combs, but they provide a premium approach to hair clipper sizes. 

With the 1/2′′ and 1 1/2′′ Wahl guide with metal clip, you can achieve fades that are difficult to achieve with just plastic combs. 

This is sheer luxury, and it will go with any Wahl 5-star clipper in any hair cutter size.

What Are The Haircut Numbers

As previously stated, clipper size numbers grow in direct relation to haircut numbers and haircut length. 

As a result, when you ask for the number 1 haircut, the barber will cut your own hair to 1/8 of an inch in length. 

For your convenience, we’ve turned clipper sizes into a hair length and haircut numbers chart that men may refer to while deciding on a haircut.

  • 1/8 in. clipper length #1
  • 1/4 in. clipper length #2
  • 3/8 in. clipper length #3
  • 1/2 in. clipper length #4
  • 5/8 in. clipper length #5
  • 3/4 in. clipper length #6
  • 7/8 in. clipper length #7
  • 1 in. clipper length #8

We’ve put up these graphic samples to help you understand what different clipper lengths look like in terms of haircuts.

1. Haircut 0

Because there is no guard on a “Number 0 Haircut,” the clipper’s permanent guard is used as a shortcut. A zero is sometimes used to create an extremely short buzz cut or virtually skin fade that exposes the scalp.

2. Haircut 1

One-eighth inch is the most popular haircut length. It’s a little longer than a zero haircut, but it’s still rather short. 

As a result, if you choose it as an all-out haircut, you should expect a buzz cut that exposes the scalp. As a result, it’s ideal for having the sides faded.

3. Haircut 2

One of the most common clipper sizes for fade haircuts is the “Number 2 Haircut.” 

The #2 provides a quarter-inch of length, allowing for a fuller hairstyle that does not reveal the scalp. For guys with thin hair, a number 2 is a safe pick, and it’s likely great for thick hair.

4. Haircut 3

The # 3 haircut entails cutting the hair left to three-eighths of an inch. length. Barbers utilize this as the longest fade haircut, unlike other haircut numbers. 

Like the other haircut numbers, it’s similar in length to the #2 clipper, but it’s still relatively short and simple to maintain. It also doesn’t expose the scalp as much. 

One of the finest aspects of this haircut is that it suits both thin and thick hair.

5. Haircut 4

The guards are medium length, with a “Number 4 Haircut” that leaves 1/2 inch of hair. 

You can have a brush or crew cut starting with the #4 size, which is similar to a buzz cut but includes skin fade on the sides and longer hair left on top. 

Haircut numbers 4 and 3 are suitable for both thick and thin hair.

6. Haircut 5

The number 5 haircut is 5/8 of an inch long. You may brush and style your own hair in a variety of ways because of its length. 

Furthermore, with these haircut numbers, you may simply match a long top with tapered sides for a pleasant and seamless transition between different clipper lengths. 

As a result, it’s not surprising that this is a popular choice for gents who like an elegant and refined style.

7. Haircut 6

When you want to be three-quarters of the way through your haircut lengths, you can choose the number 6 haircut if your hair is long. 

You may also use it to taper the hair left on the sides, giving you a crew-cut-style haircut like the other haircut numbers.

8. Haircut 7

Use the guard size number 7 hair clippers to achieve a crew cut. It will leave your hair seven-eighths of an inch long. 

If you don’t want to use shears, this is a nice option to trim the top. For a more defined look on the sides, go with a smaller size guard (e.g. #1, 2, 3, and 4).

9. Haircut 8

Finally, the “Number 8 Haircut” measures one inch in length and is the largest clipper size available in the United States. 

While #8 is not often used to make fade haircuts, it is a convenient option to trim the hairs on the top of your head while using a #1, 2, or 3 on the sides like the other haircut numbers.

How To Find The Right Hair Clipper Sizes

  1. Identify your ideal haircut lengths
  2. Look for pictures to show your barber
  3. Show the barber the photos of the haircut
  4. If you don’t know, just ask the barber

After seeing what a haircut looks like with each clipper size, you presumably have a good idea of what kind of cut you’d prefer. If you’re not doing it yourself, then the next step is to learn how to ask a barber or stylist for the exact cut you desire.

First, think about what you want, whether single or a combination of lengths. After that, simply specify and request your desired haircut numbers of the hair clipper size in your desired length if you want your hair length to be the same all over.

For example, if you want a good medium length all over, then you may request a #4 haircut from your barber. If you want a shorter buzz cut, then simply request one or provide the guard number (length) you require.

If you want longer hair on top and shorter back and sides, then tell your barber the guard size you want on top and the smallest guard size you want on the back and sides. For instance, you may ask a #3 fade, which instructs the barber to trim the top (the longest section) with a #3 guard while the back and sides are faded shorter. 

You may also request a #3 skin fade, which instructs your barber to use a #3 guard on the top and fade the back and sides with #2, #1, and #0. If you’re nervous and not sure what to ask for, then do not worry. 

If you have examples or photos of what you want or how long each portion of your hair should be, then your barber may be able to determine the hair clipper size or number to use since they are professionals.

“Can you make it approximately an inch long on top and a little shorter on the back and sides?” is a good question to ask. Having images to show your barber is usually beneficial in ensuring you receive the cut you want.

Watch This!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a clipper guard bigger than 8?

Customers can also choose from a selection of hair clippers. Andis offers a variety of clipper sizes, including 1/16 inch, 1/2 inch, 1/4 inch, 3/4 inch, and 1/72 inch, which is 1 inch.

What does the barber’s number mean?

The longer the incision, the higher the number. When you ask for six in a barbershop, you’ll get six security guards and return without a hairline. On the other hand, the one you requested is virtually shaved.

Which is the shortest setting on clippers?

Guard Combs 0-0.5 Cut. The #0 cut is the shortest available. This number is not a total, but it does make use of clipper blades for precision cutting. In the #0 cut, the length is usually 2.5-3.5″.


That’s it for hair clipper guard size. You now understand how to produce accurate haircut sizes, guide comb kinds, blade lengths, and what guard numbers truly represent.

Isn’t it awesome? We hope that these charts of clipper guard sizes will assist you in perfecting your haircut. Not only that, but you’ll have a better grasp of how to trim hair with clippers and how to use this amazing equipment in general.

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