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Black Men Beard Care: 6 Methods For A Healthy Facial Hair

Last Updated on: February 9, 2024

What could be sexier than a dapper black gentleman, right? But how do you grow a dashing, healthy beard if you’re suffering from all these ingrown hairs?


You’re probably looking for black man beard grooming tips that you can try, which is why you’re on this page. If you are, then keep reading because you’re on the right track!

Growing a beard requires dedication. If you think that such a hair goal would be an overnight process, you set yourself up for failure. Achieving your desired outcome is a journey, and the best time to start is today.

Beard Care For Black Men

Like your outfits, you prefer your facial hair to resonate with your elegant hairstyle. The way men sport black beards and mustaches identifies men and boys, revealing dedication to a personal beard style. 

Such a strong statement speaks volumes of the kind of man you are. However, most black males encounter many challenges when dealing with their beard growth.

You reading this article out of the many on the internet means you might be a part of the brotherhood of troublesome facial hair. 

You could be among those struggling with stubborn facial hair for most of their lives, worrying about ingrown hairs, razor bumps, or patchy beard problems. Hence, we offer you tips on black men beard care management, beard products worth the try, and keeping your skin healthy.

Check out these easy black man beard grooming techniques and find which ones you can adapt to your daily regimen in caring for facial hair:

1. Shave Or Trim Your Facial Hair Like A Pro

Crafting the perfect masterpiece will require you to use the appropriate tools. The same thing also goes when grooming your facial hair. A razor is an essential tool in your beard kit, and it comes in various models. 

The swivel-head razor is ideal for easy shaving of facial contours, while the electric razors are excellent for on-the-go dry shaving. Comparatively, straight razors are perfect for close shaves, and electric trimmers offer accuracy for tricky beard styles.

The most appropriate device depends on your personal needs and preferences.

Have someone else do it when you’re uncertain how to trim your beard. Or, if not, get a quality trimmer that will keep your stubble under control. After a shower, let your beard dry before trimming it to avoid cutting off too much since the hair typically appears longer when wet.

Some prefer using a beard comb and scissors for trimming their facial hair, while others enjoy the ease of utilizing a beard trimmer for precision. It’s best to use a wide-tooth beard comb than a fine-tooth beard comb since the latter is more suitable for mustaches.

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2. Invest In The Best Beard Products

More and more men nowadays are increasing consciousness regarding their overall appearance. Thus, the beard boom has led to a new market for products specially designed for black man beard maintenance.

The natural beauty of a gentleman’s hair relies upon its diversity, and as such, we need to celebrate and embrace it by choosing the best products.

There are countless products on the market to help you care for your beard and protect your skin. Try looking for a beard kit with all you need in one package, such as the beard wash for hydrating your beard while cleansing it. Opting for a beard kit can be more practical for you.

Beard Kit
Beard Growth Kit

The best part of using a beard wash is that it keeps beard dandruff at bay, better than ordinary dandruff shampoos. At the same time, a beard cream is nice to have to calm your skin after shaving.

Furthermore, a beard balm works excellently like beard oil in conditioning facial hair. Using a beard balm as part of your hair growth regimen can keep your stubble moisturized for a long while. Check for shea butter and beeswax in its ingredients for optimal results.

Opt for a beard shampoo with a thicker consistency as it can provide a protective coating for your mustache. A beard shampoo that is too watery can mean that the formulation has a high dilution in water. It may be less efficient in protecting you from cold weather.

The beard brush can help you comb through your facial hair after washing it to make it look tidier and healthier. You can find many different kinds on the market nowadays: a beard brush for different beard lengths and a beard brush specifically for mustaches. 

Pick a well-suited beard brush for your needs, as it can be an excellent grooming tool in delivering impressive facial hair shape and body. Most people are unaware that a beard brush is often an overlooked item in men’s grooming arsenal.

Fun Fact: Flaunt your sassy beard by knowing the types of African American beard styles that suit your face (and skin)!

3. Consistently Wash Your Beard

Washing your beard means incorporating an additional step into your daily shower routine. It also means having a supplementary product, such as a special beard shampoo or soap. Try choosing a product for washing the beard and the skin beneath while moisturizing it. 

Or, if your product is specifically for cleansing only, you may use a separate beard conditioner to keep that stubble nourished and well-hydrated. Apply a generous amount of beard shampoo to your hands, then massage it into your beard for maximum effect.

Ideally, it’s best to wash your beard towards the end of showering; the hot water will open skin pores, allowing the soap to work more effectively. Lastly, do not forget to rinse your stubble thoroughly.

Remember that the best beard care product has an all-natural formulation or more natural ingredients.

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4. Don’t Forget To Moisturize Your Stubble

It would help only to use your towel to remove excess moisture post-shower and not towel-dry your beard like you would with your hair. Nonetheless, a significant part of optimal beard care for black men you shouldn’t miss is keeping the skin beneath your beard moisturized.

You can hydrate it with beard oil after detangling your beard, or use a reliable brand of beard balm that can do wonders for your beard.

Put three to four drops of beard oil onto your palms, rub them together, and massage them into your beard. Likewise, you can apply the beard balm in the same way by putting a small blob on your fingers and massaging it into your beard.

Every beard product comes with different fragrances and textures, which will make your stubble look and feel different. The results will vary per individual, depending on your choice of the best beard oil or beard butter.

Scotch Porter and Honest Amish Beard Wax are top-rated products trusted by many for taming their unruly beard hairs. Choose a beard oil containing essential oil, such as avocado oil, jojoba oil, and coconut oil, instead of scented products that can irritate the skin.

5. Skin Care Is A Crucial Part Of Beard Care

Caring for your facial skin is always a part of beard-growing tips for black men. Well-nourished stubble and the skin underneath it can do wonders in preventing breakage and hair loss. A good choice of beard oil or beard balm can complement and preserve the natural oils of your stubble.

It’s a must to cleanse regularly, condition, and moisturize that inaccessible skin underneath your stubble.

Skin care man

Such practices can help unclog the pores in your skin that can cause you to have ingrown hairs. Black males also tend to grow curly hair; hence, it can be drier than most hair.

Beard oil might be easily absorbent and has fewer chances of leaving residues, but a beard balm provides your stubble with a longer-lasting moisturization. While straighter mustaches benefit from a softer beard balm, those with wiry hair might prefer a stiffer variety of beard balm.

Fun Fact: Know more about proper skin care for African American males by seeking professional skin care therapists, dermatologists, or visiting your nearest skin care center.

6. Ensure A Healthy Diet And Lifestyle

Despite the many strides that many black gents encounter, there are several ways of growing the beard easier and faster. From unique beard treatments for black men to food and over-the-counter products, the list is endless and keeps getting better.

However, eating nutritious foods and maintaining a well-balanced diet is an excellent way to care for your beard and help it grow faster.

Incorporate protein-rich meals into your diet, like eggs, salmon, and meat. While there are supplements available, such kinds of meals are more natural. 

Also, hydrate yourself with a regular water intake and get plenty of quality sleep. It might surprise some of you, but these are miracle workers supporting optimal hair growth.

Fun Fact: Keeping healthy is one way of promoting hair growth, preventing hair malnutrition, and avoiding hair loss. Learning how to prevent hair loss in black men will help you cope if you start noticing thinning around your hairline.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should a black male brush his beard?

Using a narrow comb with wide teeth, comb your stubble after beard oil or beard balm application. Then start brushing your hair out from the neckline, going up to your chin.

You can style your beard easily if you brush everything upwards since the hair will face the same direction. Doing so will also untangle the hair, make it fluffier, and avoid tugging it. Such will prevent ingrown hair from causing inflammation or folliculitis barbae.

How long does it take for a black male to grow a beard?

Each person’s beard grows at a different pace. Several factors are at play when considering beard growth, including age, race, genetics, and lifestyle. Depending on such factors, a typical beard hair growth is about half-inch a month, and two to four months for a full beard on average.

How do black men take care of beards?

Black males, in general, have the predisposition to pseudofolliculitis barbae. Hence, ensuring proper beard grooming practices and choosing the right products is crucial. The typical inclusions of such products are beard wash, beard oil, and beard balm.

Meanwhile, even your choice of a beard trimmer and mustache comb is essential. Best of all, never neglect caring for the skin under your beard. Using quality beard products like beard oil or beard balm can help moisturize the skin underneath.

How can a black man grow his beard faster?

Aside from reinforcing proper black men beard care practices and choosing quality beard shampoo or hair growth products, it’s best to care for your overall health. Keep yourself well hydrated, and don’t neglect a good skin care regimen to encourage faster hair growth.

Try using beard oil to manage the stress on the hair follicle by conditioning the skin. Even a beard wax has similar effects. Honest Amish Beard Oil is a premium brand you might want to try. It’s a purely natural oil that can soften beard hair and nourish the skin.


It’s impossible to ignore beard care without risking public scrutiny, regardless of how much you love it or hate it. Growing a beard for black men can be daunting, especially if that facial hair seems out in the wild.

Nevertheless, embracing your natural hair comes with a deep commitment. Ensuring the best beard care is crucial, from washing that beard to moisturizing the skin underneath.

Hopefully, this article can help change previously less efficient beard care practices. A radical approach to caring for your stubble means understanding your hair type and prioritizing skincare for optimal beard growth.

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