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Black Man Bun: 8 Routines To Do In Learning This Technique

Last Updated on: April 9, 2024

Black men have curly hair, which is not ideal for certain types of hairstyles that work with most natural hair. This is actually the main reason why they have donned very few styles for centuries.


A man bun is one of them; it has become quite popular over the last couple of years. And that is because black guys and women are embracing this hairstyle wholeheartedly, so if you want to learn more about the man bun for black men, please read on…

What Is a Black Man Bun?

When most black men think about a man bun, they assume that it’s a Samurai hairstyle, which is not always the case. After all, any black man can try this style by tying their hair into a man bun that sits on the bottom or the top of his head instead of wearing the hair loosely.

You can also create a man bun by simply splitting your hair into two and tying one half into a bun while leaving the rest untied. Therefore, you don’t have to follow the Samurai style to get a man bun.

Man buns are different in terms of styling and hair type. Luckily, the afro is curly, and it can complement certain styles, including an afro man bun, which can help enhance your overall look.

The man bun has been growing in popularity among black men over the last few years thanks to the fact that it’s low-maintenance.

There are many man bun hairstyles you can try, including a braided bun, a samurai bun, a semi-bun, a topknot, an afro man bun, and a regular bun, among others.

How Did the Man Bun Become a Trend?

A man bun isn’t something new; it was a tradition in Japanese and Chinese culture for men to wear a bun. But it took a very long time for this hairstyle to gain popularity in other nations.

The black man bun was popularized in other nations by several celebrities like Jared Leto and David Beckham, who started slaying their new looks.

Do Black Celebrities Also Rock a Man Bun?

Some celebrities like Jason Derulo rock a topknot man bun, and let’s not forget the Atlanta rapper Future! Future is known and loved for his loose-dreadlock-messy bun that is on another level. This man bun adds personality to Future, and it gives him an exceptional level of confidence.

Celebrities with Man Bun
Celebrities with Man Bun

How to Tie a Man Bun for Black Guys

Tying a man bun for black men isn’t as hard as it may seem in the videos and photos online. You don’t have to visit the men’s parlor to get an exceptional man bun. In fact, you can tie it yourself in the comfort of your house. However, before you even dream of getting a bun, make sure your hair is long enough to be tied on one side without affecting your hairline.

How Long Does Your Hair Have to Be for You to Tie a Bun?

When tying a bun, the length of your hair does matter a lot. You can easily create a full-hair bun on your head with shoulder-length hair, but you need at least 8 inches long strands to create a bun.

Afro-textured hairs tend to coil up and may not be visibly 6 inches, but you’re good to go as long as you believe it’s between 6 to 8 inches long.

Once you’re sure the length of your long hair has exceeded 6 inches, you can do the following:

1. Gather All the Necessary Supplies for Preparing Your Long Hair

To get a perfect man bun, you need the following supplies:

  • Hair conditioner mixed with coconut oil
  • Shampoo
  • Hair pick/brush
  • Elastic band/ tie
  • Curl enhancer/ hair gel/ mousse/ smoothing cream/ styling clay
  • Setting spray
  • Shea butter

2. Prepare Your Natural Hair

Since black hair is naturally dry and prone to frizzing, you should be ready to do some work to create a unique-looking man bun. This means you must shampoo your hair a few hours before trying this black man hairstyle.

Sulfate-free shampoos are exceptional for curly hair, but you have to condition your hair before tying a man bun.

With the hair still wet, you can apply some curl-enhancing cream using your fingers and rub it on your scalp. This cream will add extra shine to your hair, but taking care of your hair and scalp is not mandatory.

After the hair is 80% dry, you can take some hair mousse, the leave-in conditioner, hair gel, hair styling clay, or curl smoothing cream and apply it to the hair.

Scrunch your beautiful curls using your fingers and palms to make them look more defined in shape and frizz-free. Finally, you can brush your curls if it is too dense and then loosen the tangles using a hair pick.

3. Make the Hair Bun

Once your hair is ready, you can do the following:

  • Gather your hair like a ponytail in a handful or a fist using a hair pick or brush. You can create a ponytail either on top of your head or around the lower parts of your head.
  • Tie the elastic band around the hair, twist it again, pull it over your hair, and leave it halfway to create a black man ponytail.

The round-shaped half-ponytail is what we call a bun. Yes, it is very easy to make a man bun, and you can finish it using some setting spray if you don’t want your baby hairs to stand around your bun.

Styling Your Man Bun

Man Bun

Generally, a normal man bun looks stylish, but you can make it more fashionable by trying different hairstyles. Luckily, a man bun can work perfectly with a wide range of hairstyles. Some of the few hair ideas that work perfectly with man buns include:

1. Taper Fade With a Bun

Tapered undercut or fade taper can revive your afro hair, but a man bun can make it stand out even more, especially for men with a beard. A guy bun can improve your fade while upgrading your personality.

2. Bun With Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are exceptional, and when done correctly, they can make anyone stand out. But getting dreadlocks can take up to 2 days, and styling it up with a man bun can take you to a sophisticated level.

Men with long locks have been tying their hair into a bun for years. Therefore, it’s not something new, but it does give an official look. Plus, sleeping with your dreadlocks in a bun can help elongate their lifeline.

3. Braided Bun

Braids have been a popular trend among men for years; therefore, it is time to style up your cornrows. Incorporating a man bun in your box braids will ensure that both styles remain unique.

To achieve this style, your hair should be at least 8 inches long since your cornrows will make the lair length shorter.

4. Laid-Back Style

If you prefer a relaxed look over a neat man bun, then you should try the laid-back style. With this style, your man bun will be on the lower part of your head. For this look, you don’t need a setting spray.

5. Messy Bun

Have you ever thought about getting a casual look with a man bun? This new style is quite easy; you don’t have to brush it; instead, you should leave it a little messy and match it with a full beard.

You can try several messy bun hairstyles, including the classic messy bun. This style works perfectly for both gents and ladies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Wear a Durag With a Man Bun?

Yes, you can wear a durag with your man bun hairstyle, but it can be a bit tricky. A durag is an exceptional gear that can add dimension to your style and hair while protecting your hair from pollution and dust.

You have to place the durag on your head with your bun tied. Measure the length of the durag covering your bun and determine how much space you need to create to expose the bun.

The length should range from the upper part of the bun to your scalp. Two-fold the durag into the place that covers your bun, and then cut off a quarter-circle as per your measurement.

Once it’s ready, you can tie the durag with your man bun exposed and go slay the newly styled hair.

Are Man Buns Still Trendy?

Yes, the man bun hairstyle is still the sexiest, most versatile, and trendy all-in-one men’s hairstyle on the planet. The fact that most celebrities, including Future, still slay man buns means that it’s still trendy, plus the fact that it’s easy to tie makes it stand out, especially for men with beards.

Is It Okay to Sleep With My Afro Bun?

Yes, it is. Putting your afro in a bun can help protect your afro and prevent hair breakage. Therefore, provided you didn’t pull your afro too tight, you can sleep with a bun.


Men’s buns are not something new; they have been quite popular among other cultures, including the Japanese and Chinese. But over the last few years, many celebrities have been popularizing this style among black men, and this includes Future. A bun is the only method that can help protect braids and dreadlocks while giving you an exceptional look.

Luckily, a man bun can easily enhance the beauty of any hairstyle and even leave you looking amazing. Plus, tying a bun is a very straightforward process that requires a length of over 6 inches, but you have to take care of your hair daily. Bun works with a beard and a wide range of hairstyles, including cornrows, so you have to be creative.

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